I just noticed

That walgreens shorted me on my diclegis. They were supposed to give me 60 (enough for 30 days) and I only have enough left for five days now. This adds up to fifteen days of pills.

I know it’s an “honest” mistake, but I’m freaked out that since I just now noticed they won’t fix it. It cost me $100 for those pills and I don’t even know if I’ll be allowed to refill this early if that’s what it comes down to. I’m so freaked out by this I started crying (not like it takes much to make that happen). I’m going to call them as soon as they open and demand that they count or if they’ve counted since I filled it then demand that they see if they were over, because I’m missing 30 pills.

I just feel like they’ll think I’m lieing and not take me seriously. I’m seriously freaked out and can’t sleep.


12 thoughts on “I just noticed

  1. People often surprise you. One year my mum bought me a hair curling wand from K-mart for my birthday. It was what I desperately wanted. and I was so excited…until I opened the box and it was empty. And no, it wasn’t a joke. My mother had managed to buy the display box and hadn’t even realised. lol I was, of course, furious at her in a way that only a 13 year old can be but she took it back and they basically said her story was so ridiculous it had to be true and they replaced the box with one with the actual product in it. So no need for freaking yet. Just see how it all plays out. They might surprise you. But argh…definitely ANNOYING!!

    • I hope they do. Im just sure they have people come in with this stuff all the time. Its just that these arent like hardcore painkillers-theyre jusr crazy expensive morning sickness drugs that are making it possible for me to function. Im really hopeful theyll look at how long ive been a customer and take me seriously. And ill take it as high up the chain i can.

  2. Most people are decent. I think they’ll fix it right away. Few people will want to get between a pregnant woman and her medication. If they don’t make up the difference, call Duchesnay and ask them to resolve the matter. Most pharmaceuticals will help out if you appeal directly to them.

  3. I have heard several stories lately about meds beige short. It’s a serious mistake if you ask me. I hope you do not have a problem obtaining your missing pills.

  4. Ohhhhhhhhh heck no!!! I’d def being saying something. Their pill count “should” be off on that one. Booooo
    And pharmacy people always act all superior (at least in my experience)

  5. You know, I couldn’t get my Dr to prescribe me anything for my morning sickness and I was SICK! Like dehydrating and losing weight. I talked to the NP though and she told me to take Unisom Sleep Tabs for the sickness. After some googling, it appears that Unisom Sleep Tabs and Diclegis are roughly the same thing, just that the Diclegis has B6 in it. I really didn’t see how Unisom could help morning sickness so I put off taking it. Eventually I gave in though and what do you know?!! It was amazing! I could function again. I could eat a little. So if you get in a real pickle, maybe you could try that?

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