We are normal. Junebug measured right at 9w2d which is exactly where we are. Little heart was still flickering away and he didn’t even measure the rate because he said he could tell it was just fine.

He said uterine placement was perfect and he was so interested in our fertility journey. It was so wonderful being back with my OBGYN! When he saw me in the hall after my urine sample he said “is this a natural baby?” And I said “oh no-this is a $2000 fertility drug baby.”

Everyone in the office was just so happy for us and it was overwhelmingly wonderful. He also sent me home with a TON of diclegis samples. Enough to get me through I think (although I haven’t counted) so I don’t think I’ll have to refill my RX.

Junebug waved at us and we saw the little umbilical cord and a little tangle of legs and a big baby head head 🙂

I go back on Dec 18, and if you’re doing the math, yes, that is FOUR WEEKS FROM NOW. That’s the only downside of being normal I guess.

I feel overwhelmingly content and reassured. I’m sitting with my feet in hot water at the pedicure place in town and looking forward to an afternoon nap afterwards. Happiest of Thursdays sweet friends 🙂


17 thoughts on ““Normal”

  1. The cool thing about waiting four weeks is that you get SO excited! I go in tomorrow morning and am just dying for that doppler! Congrats on the normalcy!

  2. Woo hoo! I’m so happy to hear this. I’m glad you had a good appointment. Waiting 4 weeks is the WORST! We have to wait until December 2nd, and it’s taking forever! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs! ❤

  3. So happy happy happy for you!! Waiting 4 weeks in between prenatal appointments is so cruel for mom’s like us who have gone through so much to arrive at where we are. Sending you positive thoughts and light my friend.

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