Conversation with chief

Chief: *shaving*

Librarian: “I just ordered giant granny panties on the Internet. They should be here on Saturday.”

Chief: “What?!”


Chief: “You’re right. That sounds totally sane. What was I thinking?”

Librarian: “No one appreciates your sarcasm sir. NO ONE.”


15 Week Update

How Far Along? – 15 Weeks-how’d that happen?

Current Weight/Weight Gain – 2 pounds exactly

Maternity Clothes?. Yep. Not everything, but definitely all pants and most tops, unless they were sort of blousy to start with. Desperately need more undies. Who has good maternity undies? I’m discovering they’re hard to find.

Stretch Marks? Nope

Sleep? Okay most of the time. I was sick to my stomach in a non-pregnancy way Sunday night so I was up and down with that, and the ear wakes me up some. None of that is really pregnancy related though.

Movement?: Oh gosh no.

Meds Taken? – Diclegis-two at night (tonight is my last night and I’m not refilling if I don’t feel bad). Prenatal gummies. And of course, right now ciprodex for yet another ear infection

Baby Size? – Naval Orange or Pear, my apps are in disagreement by about two weeks on what week 15 size actually is.

Baby Bump?:  Yeah-though it depends on the outfit for sure.

Labor Signs?: NO. Stay away.

Belly Button In or Out?: In.

Wedding Rings on or off?: On.

Happy or Moody?: Depends on who I’m talking to and what they’re telling me I can’t do since I’m an invalid pregnant woman.

Symptoms? – Nothing really right now. Most symptoms I’m having right now are from feeling gross thanks to this super fun ear infection.

Cravings? – Mexican food from a restaurant in town that closed. So that’s kind of a bummer….

Miss Anything?: Zumba. A thousand times zumba.

Best Moment This Past Week? – Probably just Sunday in general, we had a real lazy day at home which I desperately needed, and sort of need another one of thanks to work this week.

Looking Forward To This Week? – Another day off thanks to New Years. We have already declared it a day of nothing.

Somehow, inexplicably, unexplainably, impossibly

I have another ear infection.

Excuse my language, but mother. fucking. fucker.

Same ear. I’m fine. I’m at work-it’s not that bad yet, and I’ve already started ciprodex drops (left over from last time) to try and keep it from getting really bad. I have an appointment with the ENT next week. He couldn’t get me in this week and with the way work is this week the likelihood of me being able to take a few hours off to see him was…not great. Because no one works this week.

But I’m fine. I’m okay. I just keep repeating these things to myself.

Tomorrow is fifteen weeks and today at work I am full scale bumpin’. Since we announced on FB and ALL the family knows now I felt like I could wear one of my clingy shirts that shows off the belly a little bit. Also, I cant remember which one of you recommended thread-up to me, but thank you. SO MUCH. It’s like an online second hand store and everything is super cheap including shipping. I’m in love. It’s making being fashionably pregnant much more affordable. AND I’m going to sell them some of MY stuff, so I’ll get even more credit to buy things.

This could be dangerous.

Despite how things went at our in-laws pregnancy announcement (that’s in the protected post) my FIL shared my announcement post and said some kind words, so that was lovely. BIL and SIL have stayed silent which is fine and expected and honestly, preferable to what happened at Christmas. Chief’s nosy ex-girlfriend texted to ask him when we’re due, which was in the fb post that she “liked” on facebook, so she already knows. He didn’t respond to her because he knows that she’s just trying to start a conversation to get more info. She told SIL who then told us stuff about a friend of ours who is pregnant that I suspect that friend would not like for people to be blabbing. Like stuff having to do with the health of her babies in utero (she’s having twins). I was horrified that those two were just passing very personal information around about someone that trusts them. So yeah, they’re not getting any info from us that isn’t public enough to go on facebook. Although I’m sure SIL told her everything I said about our infertility during our “special talk” (again, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s in the protected post-I’ll still give you the password if you’re interested).

So that’s about it. Happy Monday.