Greys Anatomy

1. Now I want to be a doctor even though I can’t handle bodily fluids or gore of any kind.

2. Why didn’t someone stop the pregnant girl from starting Greys Anatomy binge watching on Netflix? EVERY. EPISODE. IS. TRAGIC.

3. I am convinced that
a) my baby is going to have a diaphragm hernia
b) my husband is going to get congestive heart failure
c) the Captain is going to have a fatal car accident
d) someone is going to sleep with at least one of my doctors

4. But I can’t stop watching. EVER.


8 thoughts on “Greys Anatomy

  1. haha I love Greys but you are right – every episode is a bit tragic!!! Also funny though. They pepper some humour throughout. I used to always cry every ep. Seemed to have passed that stage lol

    • Yeah, I get that way when I’m bingewatching something on netflix or hulu. I’ll think “you know, if I was watching this once a week it probably wouldn’t be so bad, but watching five episodes in a row is kind of rough.” I probably need to take a few days off. The last episode I watched last night was the one with the hospital prom and the Denny/Izzy situation implosion. I sort of went to bed heartbroken.

  2. I have never met a group of people with more issues than the cast of Grey’s that’s for sure!! They seem to have the WORST luck and they should all move far far away from eachother!! I do love it though, I’ve been a religious watcher since season 2!! It’s tragic but I can’t stop!

  3. Oh, Grey’s is SO not a show for the hormonal. LOL. But I love it! I’m kind of glad the new episodes are on a break right now because I’d probably just cry through every episode at this point.

  4. It really is the best show ever. We recently binged on it and are now fully caught up to the newest season! You get spoiled with Netflix because you don’t have to wait for “next week’s episode” or the “next season”, so when you get to where you have to wait it’s agonizing!

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