I broke a tooth


Y’all, seriously. It’s not a front one or anything, and it doesn’t hurt, but now I have a dentist appointment tomorrow where I’m sure I’ll be told I need a crown.

And to top it off, my dentist who is middle aged and of average appearance (the way I like my doctors, thank you very much) couldn’t see me until Tuesday, so I had to take an appointment with another dentist in town who I have always avoided seeing because he is, literally, the most beautiful human being I’ve ever seen. Ever.

That’s right. I get to go see a Dr. McDreamy of my very own, except instead of being Meredith Grey, all wafish and blonde, I’m a fat pregnant woman with PCOS and too much facial hair. Dark, dark facial hair.

And a broken molar.

But at least it doesn’t hurt….right?


18 thoughts on “I broke a tooth

  1. I broke my toe once in the middle of winter. I decided to see a podiatrist just in case I needed to do anything special about it. Since it was winter, and I figured he’d just ask to see my foot, I didn’t shave my legs. I get to the appointment and they put me in a gown, and sit me in a chair that raises my furry legs and feet to eye level, and (of course) the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen walks in to look at my pinky toe.

      • My obgyn disnt prescribe them bc of the same reasons and this was not until i had been breastfeeding for two months or so; and i didnt tell the whole truth lol it was not one tooth but my whole denture that was feeling shaky :/ I just started vitamin D and calcium and problem solved.
        Best of luck at your mcdreamy appt!

  2. I know I shouldn’t laugh because your tooth is broken and that really sucks, but… OK, I’m kind of laughing. Good luck with Dr. Hottie. Make sure you floss!

    • Its ok-its kind of funny. I cried at first, but after i calmed down and realized that it doesnt hurt so its probably not a huge deal i was able to laugh about it. Nothing mcdreamy does to me today can hurt as bad as my ear infection did. Chief can actually see it (i cant) and he says its really just chipped and they may just build it back up. We’ll see.

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