I hate my teeth

I have to have a crown 😦

The decay was “surprisingly bad” according to the dentist. He doesn’t THINK I need a root canal, but he won’t know until he actually gets in there to prepare the tooth.

I couldn’t get an appointment for the temporary crown until the morning of December 30th. So two and a half weeks of dental anxiety for me.



13 thoughts on “I hate my teeth

  1. Coming from someone who single-highhandedly probably paid enough in dentist bills to send multiple dentist to Hawaii for multiple vacations, If you can afford it, I strongly recommend just getting the root canal now! 4 times, I’ve been told I don’t need a root canal, I just need a crown for now. Each time, I’ve ended up needing a root canal within the year or two, which means damaging the crown to get back into the tooth which can cause long term problems and potentially a new crown down the road. Heck, my new dentist (who I adore), was felt so responsible that my crown didn’t work and in less then a year I needed a root canal that he did not charge me for the new crown that was required! Anyways, my unsolicited dental advice is if you can afford it do the root canal now.

    • I mean if he says i need it ill do it. He said he could acutally just do a filling that would last me about six months, and i told him that in six months im having a baby, so i need to get this long term taken care of NOW. Ill trust whatever he says to do. I guess ill be numbed up anyway, right? Is it a really horrific procedure?

      • I had one horrific experience – like crying in the chair horrific. Funny enough, it was with a really hot dentist! 🙂
        My new dentist is awesome and the procedure is no different then a filling. I recommend lots of freezing and a good dentist, and you’ll be just fine. 🙂

      • The dentist just wasn’t willing to freeze me well enough. He was simply a jerk and told me that it shouldn’t hurt and I was fine. Now this was before RPL, so maybe my pain tolerance wasn’t as high? But, as a non crier I suspect I was really just in a lot of pain! It took like 3 hours! It was horrible. I actually didn’t go back to any dentist for a few years I was so scarred from the incident. Hence why I now have an amazing dentist who makes sure to freeze me super well before he does anything :).

      • This dentist was really sweet. He didn’t talk about freezing or anything, but I told him how anxious I was and he actually said “I hate that you’re anxious-I wish I could give you gas, but I can’t since you’re pregnant. I’ll make sure the local anesthetic is really working before I start any work.” So hopefully he’s taking my dental anxiety seriously!

        What does freezing mean?

      • It’s just the same type of freezing they use on a filling. That weird pointy needle they stick into your mouth – I always find the needle worse then the actual freezing.
        It sounds like you have a good dentist! I am confident you will be in good hands. 🙂

      • I hope so! I had an awful dentist growing up. I have crooked teeth and my folks couldnt afford braces, so any time i had a problem it was always “well if you had straight teeth and had gotten braces like i told you to you wouldnt have this problem.” Who says that to a kid?! Its not like i had $4000 laying around for braces. So now i just assume all dentists will tell me its my fault. My dentist today actually said this probably happened because these two teeth are a little too close together, making it easier for bacteria to get trapped in there. He didnt lay it on me.

  2. I have horrible dental anxiety! I did the twilight sleep thing for my last crown. I had broke an old crown on a darn peanut. Best of luck to you getting through the procedure without too much anxiety and pain.

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