I think I must be bad at being pregnant

Maybe this is a side effect of being infertile and getting sick of hearing other pregnant women drone on and on and on about being pregnant, but I really don’t want to spend every waking moment talking about this pregnancy. I enjoy talking about it for a little bit with various folks, but I just don’t need the entire world to revolve around my pregnancy.
This is starting to annoy me especially at work-and really it’s just one person. But this one person keeps telling me that “I’m not hiding my pregnancy well” which I think is basically akin to calling me fat, and then today as soon as I walked in she said “I’m getting a boy vibe from you”. The other day she told me that in a month I wouldn’t be able to get into the tall chairs at work and lectured me for carrying a SECTION of a fake Christmas tree-not the whole tree mind you, but a SECTION of the tree. It couldn’t have weighed more than ten pounds and she wouldn’t let up about it.

And now that I’ve told my boss at the law firm my mother has taken it upon herself to make sure everyone knows, which meant everywhere I turned today I got the same questions about if we’re finding out what the baby is, if I’m feeling okay, and when I’m due. I know this sounds so incredibly bitchy, I know that. I am so happy to be having this baby.Β  And I like having fun at work and I have people I’m very close to (the Captain) that I work with that I’m okay with sharing my personal details with, but in general I want to work when I come to work. I’m still a manager, and I want to do my job and sure, we can talk about the baby some, but it doesn’t have to be every minute of every day. I’m also an inherently private person with body issues, so yes, even though I KNOW that I’m pregnant and therefore getting bigger, I don’t NEED people telling me basically how fat I am every other day.

Again, in general, I think I’m doing pregnant wrong.


8 thoughts on “I think I must be bad at being pregnant

  1. I hear you on this. I actually didn’t tell anyone at work (except my boss, who guessed really early) until 20 weeks. My husband thought I was crazy, but honestly I just didn’t want to talk about it all the time while at work – I had work to do! It still comes up a lot, but I don’t think I could have taken 20 MORE weeks of it. I’m with you – I’m excited, but there are other things to talk about too!

  2. That is so weird she keeps doing that. Perhaps she is trying to spark a conversation with you or something and has nothing else to bring up? ay, yi, yi! So sorry hun! Praying for you and that God gives you some miraculous patience. ‘Cause I know that I would need it…because I know that too often, my sarcastic language (it’s my first language) comes out and that’s never good. lol

  3. Just like infertility, I don’t think that there is anyway to do this “wrong.” Just do you, and you’ll be fine.

    You have, however, convinced me that I will never tell anyone I’m pregnant. I’ll just let everyone thing I’m gaining a lot of weight, then mysteriously go on leave.

    (Oh, and the whole “you’re not hiding your pregnancy thing”… That woman deserves a smack in the face. What the what?)

  4. Um, What the heck? That woman at your work is just plain rude – or doesn’t know good boundaries! I’m sorry you have to put up with that. I barely talk to anyone about being pregnant – or in general – sigh – so you could send some of the nice inquiries my way. πŸ™‚ J/K. At any rate, I understand how frustrating and annoying this could be – sort of like being around my mom anytime now. :/ As for the fat stuff, I am fat – and pregnant. There’s nothing wrong with it and it’s nobody else’s business. Your body is not a democracy. If possible, could you say, “I don’t remember asking.” or some similar statement? I totally understand being self-conscious. This is something I am working on. Remember how awesome your body is and that it’s carrying a miracle! Love yourself lots! ❀

  5. Everyone always has an opinion about everything! Hoping it gets better. I also wanted to tell you that I sent you an email. Did you send a necklace? I didn’t see a name on the package, but I think it may be from you. πŸ™‚

  6. I don’t like talking about it much. It’s between my husband and me. My besties and me. My family and me. I always change the subject quickly.

    I also got my first “You’re huge!” comment from a rando the other day. I shrugged her off and told my husband, “She can go to hell. I look fan-fucking-tastic.” You do, too. πŸ™‚

  7. Ugh. Just ugh. I cannot believe that comment about not hiding pregnancy well! That is SO RUDE. You’re not doing pregnant wrong, they’re just doing humanity wrong.

  8. totally hear you! as nice as it was to finally be public about it, i find i spend a lot more time at work talking about the pregnancy as patients’ parents ask me. i’m sorry, but when it’s cold and flu season and i have to see 15 sick kids in 3.5 hours, i don’t have that extra time to chat!

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