OB Appointment Today

I always worry on appointment days. Even though nothing has gone wrong. Even though I haven’t bled one drop this entire pregnancy (for which I am ETERNALLY grateful). Even though I’ve never had a miscarriage before, I still worry.

I told the Captain I was worried today and she was very firmly in the “Nothing is wrong-you have nothing to worry about” camp, so I’m trying to be there too. I’ve waited a whole month to see our Junebug again and I’m 13w2d, so Junebug should look more human today. And part of me is afraid I won’t even have an ultrasound today. Yeesh.

In good and bad news, they moved my temporary crown appointment up to tomorrow. I’m glad to get it over with, but not excited about it.


7 thoughts on “OB Appointment Today

  1. Good luck! I hope today confirms that there is nothing to be worried about. šŸ™‚ Get used to the worry though, because as a mom you will always be worried about something to do with your child(ren)!

  2. Do you get u/s at every appointment? (mostly curious, since I know going with a midwife vs. OB things like this can be different!)

      • I can’t wait to hear! We only did one at 20 weeks (well, almost 22) for anatomy scan, but they use the doppler every time so we get to hear his heartbeat. It was awesome to see how he’d grown from a gummy bear looking being into a human between 9 and 22 weeks!

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