Power nap bump selfie

It’s Friday, so I am TIRED today. I took the last fifteen minutes of my lunch under my desk in a power nap, and thought this could go under the atypical bump selfie file. 19w3d:




I have felt baby flutters all throughout the day today. My doc was only off by two days on his prediction of when I’d really feel them by!

It feels like she’s doing little rolls and flips and sometimes drumming on my stomach.

I’m in love with every little movement!

Check your batteries, otherwise you’ll have to crawl through the dog door.

Before I type this post, let me preface it by saying that yesterday was a good day. It’s going to seem like I’m complaining about it, but I’m not. Not really.

We were busy, but in a good way. We had sweet delightful school groups that needed assistance, but thats the kind of library work I like. I was on my feet a lot-no big deal. By 1:00 I kind of was starting to feel like my feet were swelling in my shoes. This hasn’t happened to me before, but I know it’s normal, so I tried to not be on my feet a ton after that, but that sort of made it worse because then when I WOULD have to get up, they’d really, really hurt.

But all in all-a good day. Good kids, good staff. The captain has been sick for many days and she was back, and we had a potluck.

I was tired by the end though and I knew I had law firm work that had to be done (tax season is THE WORST) so I went to the firm, loaded up a box of books to work on, and headed home.

We have a security system on our house that came with one of those digital deadbolts. I don’t really have much to say about it, because it just is what it is. We punch a code in, it let’s us in our house. Badabing.

But last night EVERYTHING went wrong.

I get to the house with a box of semi-heavy (not too heavy) law books and my aching feet that are dying to be released from their shoe prison hell. I put my key in the door and turn it and then enter my code in. I hear the door start to unlock, but then it gives me the sound of “something went wrong-try again.” So I enter it again, and then this woman’s voice chirps “Dead batte-” and dies. IT FUCKING DIES.

I try about ten more times. Then I sit on the ground and, in the words of Julie Powell, I cry, “like a mentally disturbed child.” Seriously. I sat on my front porch and sobbed for about five minutes with my legs sticking straight out BECAUSE I JUST. WANTED. TO. TAKE. MY. SHOES. OFF.

Then, I sort of pulled myself together and called my mom. See, the way my house is configured, we have a side door that goes into what used to be the garage, but was turned into a “den” when my in-laws lived there. We don’t use it for anything but Chief’s tool storage area because it’s gross. It has popcorn walls that are nicotine stained from Chief’s dad. Luckily, it has a door that leads into our kitchen, and we just leave it closed and locked all the time. There is a dog door in the side door and sometimes Bubba likes to go down there for a while if he can’t wait the five minutes it takes for me to let the other dogs do their business before I let everyone back in. So I do have to open it to let him into the house, but for the most part, it stays closed and locked.

Anyway, I called my mom because I was pretty sure I could get myself through the dog door. It’s the giant size for when BIL and his rottweiler lived with us. I’ve crawled through it before, but not since I started bumpin’. The problem would be once I got into the downstairs. I knew the door into the kitchen would be locked, because I always have it locked. I was hoping my step-dad knew a way to jimmy it open and he did. He said if it’s one of those that has a hole on the other side of the lock I could stick something straight and skinny in there and use it to turn the lock on the other side. Luckily interior doors aren’t that secure. Or maybe in our case, unluckily. Just depends on your perspective.

So I picked myself  and my purse up. I left the law books-who would steal those? I walked through the gate into the back yard and to the side door. I shoved my purse through the dog door and then somehow, MIRACULOUSLY shoved myself through as well. I had to rotate my hips to do it because they’ve gotten so damn wide, and I snagged my sweater a little bit, but I did it. I made it in. A month later in this pregnancy and I wouldn’t have. Then I had to use the flashlight on my phone to find something to jimmy the door with. Luckily Chief had left a picture hanging kit out and it had those long skinny picture hanging nails-seemed like my best shot.

So, covered in dust from crawling through the dog door and with mascara running down my face, I jimmied the door open using the picture hanging nail. I was at once relieved and horrified at how easy it was to get into my house. Some of it has already been rectified and some of it will be further rectified this weekend, but yeah-check your houses people.

My dogs were happy and confused. They had heard me on the other side of the front door sobbing and then, lo and behold, momma comes through the kitchen door? At any rate. I opened the front door, grabbed my law books, and stripped down to a giant My Little Pony t-shirt and updated tax code from the comfort of my bed. Another breakdown almost happened when it looked like Netflix wouldn’t work, but I got it going and had some Gilmore Girls comfort as I waited for Chief to get home and vindicate my struggles with the door.


And I started to cry all over again. It went something like this:


Chief: “I do believe you. Why do you think I don’t believe you?”

Librarian: “I CAN JUST TELL. It wou-wou-wouldn’t work for me (blubbering had begun full on)! You know I know how to open our front door but it wouldn’t let me in and I had to crawl through the dog door!”

Chief: “I know you wouldn’t do that if it wasn’t broken, I promise I believe you. I don’t know why it’s working now”


So he did. He did change the battery. And then he rubbed my feet that had been swollen, but had gone down a bit since I’d elevated them in bed. And then he made me waffles for dinner at 9:00 at night because I was hungry. And blubbering. And he knows the best way to stop that is to stick food in my mouth. Then he stroked my hair until I fell asleep in a pile of tax code.

So that was my Wednesday night-TOP THAT. I DARE YOU.


Man, I am so glad I ended up with a day off yesterday, because sister got stuff DONE.

Besides getting this skin condition worked out (I think the cream is already working, the spots look much lighter) and having another good OB appointment, I actually finally bought some new bras.

I am relieved to tell you that so far I’ve only gone up a cup size. I was a 38 DDD before and now I’m a 38 G or SOMETIMES H just depending on the brand. I so hope that all my pregnant infertility sisters out there are letting trained bra fitters assist them as they go up in size-it really makes all the difference. Since mine are growing fairly slowly I’m HOPING that these three I bought will last me at least another 15 weeks, then I can invest in nursing bras.

Because 3 bras for me was 177 dollars. Hachachacha.

I also got to have lunch with my mom and step dad which was a rare treat. I drove all over town yesterday! First to the derm, then to Dillards for bras, then to the law firm to meet my momma, then to Target to buy some socks and hairspray (I know, but I just happened to need both those things) then to the OBGYN, then, finally, back home where I did a tiny bit of cleaning and then took a short nap until Chief got home from class, THEN we went to the commissary to get groceries for the week.

It’s just nice to get things done. I sort of feel like I’m CONSTANTLY behind the 8 ball. If I could take a few weeks off from the firm without everything getting majorly backed up, I’d probably do that just to get caught up in my home life-but that’s not possible for me yet.

This weekend Chief and I need to finish cleaning out Charlie’s room and hopefully get the carpet in there ripped up so we can start priming the walls (and by we, I mean he, because we use the Zinnsser BIN primer in our house since my father in law lived there and smoked, and it’s shellac based. Meaning it is NOXIOUS-but it seals in that nicotine so it doesn’t come back to haunt you later). If we could prime this weekend then we could paint next weekend and maybe make some headway on flooring. I’m probably getting way ahead of myself here, because projects NEVER go as quickly as you want them to.

Oh-and side bar/complete change of subject-yesterday at the OB appointment I was SO SURPRISED at how much Charlie had moved up and over in just a few weeks. I hadn’t dopplered at home in a while so when they did it yesterday she was very much right next to my belly button, where as before she’s been much lower than that-no wonder I can’t eat much before I’m full!

That’s all folks. Happy Wednesdays to you all.

19 Week Update

How Far Along? – 19 Weeks. Whoa

Current Weight/Weight Gain – 8 pounds. Yeesh. I know that’s normal and everything, but yeesh.

Maternity Clothes?. Oh yeah.

Stretch Marks? Nope

Sleep? Starting to get rough. I wake up frequently due to bathroom needs AND when I wake up and I’m on my back I quickly shift, but my back hurts if I actually sleep on it, so then I’m dealing with soreness. Time to get a snoogle I think.

Movement?: I THINK so. There have been several times in the last few weeks where it’s felt like internal tapping, but it’s not happening every day yet. My OB says it should be any day now that it’s easily recognizable.

Meds Taken? – Zyrtec and prenatal vitamin. Now a steroid cream for Chestema (Chest Eczema).

Baby Size? – Heirloom tomato, Mango, just depends on what app you ask.

Baby Bump?:  I’m straight up bumpin’

Labor Signs?: Nope.

Belly Button In or Out?: In.

Wedding Rings on or off?: On.

Happy or Moody?: The last couple of days have been much better for me mood wise. I’m not sure whats up with the shift, but last week was so shitty and hard, and the funeral is this Saturday and it’s going to be shitty and hard, so maybe my moods are just giving me a break for a few days.

Symptoms? – Insane burping after I eat, round ligament pain if I’ve had a really active day.

Cravings? – Nothing in particular. I’m just very susceptible to suggestion right now. Yesterday my aunt posted a picture of a root beer float and I HAD to have one. So I did….

Miss Anything?: Nothing too much this week.

Best Moment This Past Week? – Yesterday I realized that the June birth flower is the rose-which is so perfect. Plus getting confirmation today that she REALLY is a girl!

Looking Forward To This Week? – Some time off with Chief this weekend. I miss him right now so much because he has class every night.

Chestema and Charlie

1. The dermatologist at first thought I had a fungal infection called TV, which sounds a whole HELL of a lot like TB, which sent me into panic mode for about ten seconds before he enunciated. After doing a scraping he couldn’t find any actual fungus, so we’re treating it as eczema, and I’m calling it Chestema. My OBGYN blessed the steroid cream that was prescribed, so hopefully it’ll clear up in a few weeks.

2. Charlie is still a girl and will stay a girl (unless she changes that later in life-I’ll love her no matter what). He could even see little girl parts today! I’m relieved. As I’ve said, I would have been thrilled with a boy too, but once you’re bonded to one gender it’s devastating to think of being told something different at the next US.

3. Next appointment is the glucose test. They say I only fast for two hours before the test-does that sound kosher? It’s the one hour test.

I figured out a miracle today-folks with non- wordpress blogs please read!

So, for the last few years of blogging I’ve always been bothered that I miss out on good stuff from folks on blogspot, blogger, and the like. I didn’t think I could follow anyone who wasn’t a wordpress blog.

Apparently I’m REAL DUMB and there was a way to do this in the wordpress reader all along. So now that I know it, please, if you’ve been commenting and reading and supporting me in my journey I WANT TO SUPPORT YOU AND READ YOU TOO!!! Comment on here with your blog URL so I can follow the crap out of your blog.

Because I will, I will follow the crap out of your blog.

Comment. DO EET.