Registry Mania

Jesus Mary Joseph and the Camel. There is a lot of shit to register for when you have a baby.

And not only are there a lot of things you need, there are also FIVE HUNDRED DIFFERENT MODELS of said thing. I’ve spent hours and hours and hours comparing so many things, reading reviews, asking friends for advice to build a registry of something like seven or eight items.

And granted, they’re seven or eight VERY IMPORTANT items, like a car seat that converts so it will “grow with your child” and a pack in play with newborn sleeper and changing table, and a bath tub, and a swing. Staple items. Important stuff.

But ohmahgah. So many options.

I know other stuff will be easier. Once we know gender (ten days!!) we can go crazy with little clothes and sheets and shoes and stuff. That stuff will be easy for me to pick out. I’ve been picking out clothes successfully and with great panache for years.

But it’s the important stuff that is hard. The “this is holding my child’s life in it’s plastic contraption paws” kind of stuff. We’re not going to pick out a stroller until we’ve read hours worth of reviews and “test driven” a few models. Furniture is going to depend on gender as well, because I’m leaning towards cream if we have a girl because that’s what I had-although we’ve already decided we’re DEFINITELY getting the crib that, again, “grows with your child”.

I actually emailed yoga girl to ask her for a list of must haves, and she was so excited to help that it made me feel really good. I mean, I hate that it took me getting pregnant for her to understand me and be able to relate to me, but that’s where we are so I’m making lemonade out of lemons and accepting her help. I might even see if she’d be willing to bring her newborn over to my house sometime to do a pet test run. Is it wrong to ask someone to do that? I’ve read that it’s recommended when you have pets to see what you might need to deal with when you bring your own baby home by “experimenting” with someone elses child, but it seems so wrong to say “Hey, can you bring your baby over so I can see if my dog is going to attack it?”

I mean, I won’t use those words, but it’s the general gist. The only real problem I can actually see is that our dogs are great with us, but with new people they FREAK OUT, so I’m afraid to ask anyone to bring their kid into that because I’m not sure it would be an accurate representation anyway. I mean, maybe if I made her stay in the car and just took her kid into the house with me, but that also seems rude. Oy.

This has become rambly. I mainly just came on to talk about the madness that is registering. Luckily Amazon has at least tried to make it easy by guiding me to the basics, but man, be prepared to shop around!


20 thoughts on “Registry Mania

    • Amazon and Target I think is what we’re doing. I love Amazon for, well, everything, and the reviews and ratings are just so. helpful. for the big important stuff. And you cant usually beat their prices. But I want to do target as well for the two people in our lives who will want to go to a store, print out a registry, and walk around lol 🙂

      • I was thinking along the same lines. My mom is pitching a fit at the thought of an online registry, so we have to have a “real” store in the mix somewhere.

      • Oh see, my family LOVES amazon. We’re religiously devoted to it. We would probably form a church around it. But Chief’s parents cannot seem to understand how it works (it’s so easy!) so I’m mainly doing target for them. And I admit, I love target, and it IS fun to walk around with someone’s list and toss things in your cart. We’ll probably do that for lots of little clothing items and bibs and stuff so I can feel the fabric and get a better idea of what the item is like.

  1. The registry can be so overwhelming! I found I constantly edited mine and now after having the baby I really didn’t need several things I registered for and was scrambling at the last minute picking up other items I needed and didn’t have yet. It’s definitely a challenge!

    • Yes-that is why I’m having friends with babies “grade” my list and tell me what I definitely probably need and stuff that I probably don’t. I’ve already been told by several people that a bottle warmer is just not really important and that they’re hard to trust anyway, so I’m probably not opting for that. I don’t really want to get just TONS of stuff-just the really necessary stuff. Babies in pioneer times barely had anything-why must we have so much stuff?!

      • You’re smart to have friends grade your list. I wish I would have done the same. I totally agree about the bottle warmer. A glass of hot water works just fine. I agree about so many things – would be easier with less options!

      • I have a work friend who said they didn’t even warm their bottles for either of their children. They kept a pitcher of room temp water on the night stand to mix their formula with. Their situation is a little different from mine because they adopted their kids so they were never breast fed, so they weren’t pulling pumped milk out of the fridge that would NEED to be warmed up some for a baby to want it, but still, it’s sort of a thing to research I guess. My hope is that I’ll be able to breast feed a lot at first and then supplement with formula if necessary. Of course, you know what they say about making plans….

      • I mix formula as I need it in 4oz increments and pour into the bottle 1oz at a time until she’s done eating and refrigerate any leftover for the next feeding then heat that up as needed. I wish you best of luck with breastfeeding! I tried for two weeks and couldn’t do it and am now feeding her 100% formula. It’s so true about plans – they don’t always go according to plan. Nothing about getting pregnant, being pregnant, labor/delivery or parenting a newborn has gone according to my plans. I’m learning to roll with it all.

      • That’s why I REFUSE to make a birth plan. My plan is to go to the hospital and leave with a baby, preferably mine. A friend of mine who is a l&d nurse said making a serious birth plan is a sure fire way of having the opposite of what you want happen. I’m going to trust my doctor (to an extent).

        My mom tried and tried to breast feed and it just didn’t happen for her, so my plan is to try my best, take advice, use lactation consultants, and if it doesn’t work NOT BEAT MYSELF UP ABOUT IT. There’s so much pressure about everything having to do with raising babies. You have to do what’s best for YOUR family.

      • I didn’t make one either and glad I didn’t otherwise I would have been severely disappointed and frustrated. You really do have to trust that you’re in good hands with your doctor and the hospital.

        It sounds like you have a great plan with breastfeeding. I totally beat myself up about it for a week or so to the point I was starting to convince myself I had post partum depression. Once I finally decided to stop pumping and not to take any milk supply increasing meds I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Over the last couple of days I have thought about it but I’m not mad at myself any longer. My daughter is doing just fine on formula and her health is the important thing. As long as her pediatrician doesn’t see any issues then I know what I’m doing is ok.

      • There is NOTHING WRONG with formula. Nothing. I want to breast feed for selfish reasons-weight loss and money saving. I mean, yeah, I want to feed my child as well and they say it’s better, but there’s plenty of research that says formula is just as good, so I’m going to be fine either way.

        I could just really use the help losing the weight….

      • I love your outlook on it all! I felt like I was failing my daughter by not being able to breastfeed. Thankfully several people have reminded me that isn’t the case. Sure, I’d like to save the $ too as formula is not cheap (as I’m finding out) but it’s a small price to pay for my sanity. I completely understand the weight loss thing too. I’ve had people tell me they lost 50lbs breastfeeding. I really, really hope it works out for you!!!

    • I’ve been putting it off and finally decided that at almost 16 weeks it was time to get a move on since it’s apparently going to take me forever to build the registry. I didn’t want one “out there” until we were public, but I think I could have made it private.

      really I’m just a procrastinator who was (am) intimidated by this task.

  2. I asked friends to look at mine and help. I also looked at several lists (Lucie’s List, the lists on Babylist, etc.). I changed my mind a lot too. At any rate, mine is entirely online at because you can put things from various stores there. Good luck!

    Oh, I also found feeding things the most confusing because the doctors can’t tell me if I’ll be able to breastfeed or not (given my past surgery from breast cancer). *sigh* They “think” I should be able to though . . .

    As for asking Yoga Girl to come over with her baby to test the dogs, I think it’d be fine. 🙂

    • I THINK you were the one I was trying to remember-I know someone wrote a post about it and I remember commenting that I needed to remember it for my own needs. I’m going to stalk your blog now!

      • I hope you found it useful. Let me know if you have any questions. One thing I would avoid is adding clothes to your registry because youre going to get clothes regardless if you add or not. Best to leave your registry for the essentials. Have fun!!

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