Hydration Station Condemnation

So, because I’m SO smart and logical, the minute I tested positive for this pregnancy I instantly downloaded five million pregnancy apps (or three) and subscribed to two email lists (which I think are actually reproducing). Nothing like being constantly bombarded with information. One of the email lists I actually enjoy. It gives me a daily tip about my pregnancy.

A few weeks ago (a week ago? I can’t remember) it told me I wasn’t drinking enough water. 64 ounces bitches. That’s the deal. Now, I’ve always been of the school of “If I’m thirsty I’ll drink.” I drink all day long. I sip on ice water in a handy tervis. I also have a Hello Kitty one and one with my university mascot on it. And one that I think got eaten in the bowels of my Jeep.

Anywho. This is certainly not the first time in my life I’ve been chastised for not drinking enough water, but when you’re pregnant, everything you do turns into “OH MY GOD I’M DEPRIVING MY CHILD AND RUINING HIM/HER FOREVER.” So I twiddled on over to Amazon and ordered a 64 ounce glass jug with a pour spout and a lid. It doesn’t sound complicated, but it came with instructions, I kid you not. Also, it’s Italian, so that makes it more sophisticated.

Anyway, my theory was that I could just fill my Tervis up with ice and then continually fill it with water until the pitcher was empty, and anything I drank after that is just icing on the cake.

And when it first came I thought “Oh, that’s not that big, I can TOTALLY drink that much water every day.”

Lies. All lies.

IT’S SO MUCH GODDAMN WATER. Seriously. How do people drink this much?! And apparently for every 30 minutes of working out I do I need ANOTHER 8 ounces? THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE.

I have an hour and a half left of work and I’ve made it through half of my pitcher today. Okay, something like 40%. And granted, it came midday, so I had a little water before that that’s not being counted in the overall pitcher total, and I’ll drink some more when I get home, but still. BUT STILL.

And now I’m stressed that stressing about water is causing unnecessary stress. This poor, poor kid.

Also I’m out of prenatal vitamins and probably will be until tomorrow. I haven’t been great about taking them the last few weeks, it’s been sporadic if I’m being honest with you. I’m going to go do a water keg stand and munch on the contents of a horn of plenty to keep my baby healthy now. Best wishes.


12 thoughts on “Hydration Station Condemnation

  1. I’m not a drinker (of fluids) either. 🙂 We must have sat beside one another in the school of “If I’m thirsty, I’ll drink.” But I always get chewed out about it, and it’s even made me think if its fertility related.

  2. LOL you are a hoot. Don’t worry, my ob explained it to me like this: babies are the world’s cutest parasites. They take everything they need from you, and just leave YOU deficient. As long as you aren’t malnourished/dehydrated you’ll be okay!

  3. This is not gonna help but . . .my midwife told me to drink a GALLON of water a day. No shit. That’s 128 ozs. I have a 32 oz water bottle that I fill up four times throughout the day and drink it down. I’m not saying you have to double your intake BUT the thing that has helped me: 1) no ice. it helps it go down faster. We are lucky to have one of those cold or hot water dispensers in our office, which means I have cold but not freezing water. 2) This app called “plant nanny” in which you input your water intake and it grows adorable flowers for you (and also reminds you to drink! and shames you if you don’t!) I need cute + shame + reminders.
    To be fair, though, I was always a big water drinker, and I rarely drink anything else besides coffee and tea (I’ve added milk during pregnancy because it works to keep me full!) I’m sure my wife will be a terrible water drinker when she’s pregnant!

  4. I used to knock back 64 oz of water in a day like it was nothing. Usually I exceeded that by the time bedtime rolled around. NOW, it is all I can do to choke down a couple of ounces of water. I am basically living on Tazo passion iced tea, but even then I’m not getting even close to 64 oz in. I was totally obsessing about it for a while, but I’m trying to calm down a bit. I figure if my body needs it, it will ask for it.

  5. 64 oz is a lot of water, but I applaud you for even making the effort to go out of your way to achieve that! I’m a pretty avid water drinker anyway, but for some reason my pregnant self cannot stand water unless it’s freezing cold and has a squished lemon in it. Even then I’m probably not getting enough. I admitted to my Dr on Monday that I suck at taking my prenatal vitamins right now. I average about 2-3 times a week and she wasn’t overly concerned. (It helps that I take a liquid form of folate, so I’m covered there, and that’s the most important piece of the prenantal!). This was too funny! Good luck drinking more water!

  6. I find it easier to drink if it’s actually room temperature…also I don’t drink anything else as a cold drink. No juice, no soda, nothing. It is coffee/tea or water for me. Also, I had to find the right type of bottle to drink out of. I really like the pop top style but it was hard to find that in a proper non BPA bottle. I found something similar finally and now I’m back to drinking more water. It really made a big difference. Some bottles just weren’t conducive to drinking much water for me! Good luck!

  7. I think it depends a lot on the individual. Everyone is different. I’m a dry person (per my acupuncturist) and pregnancy has made me thirsty. All the time. Because of that I’m drinking 80-100 ounces of water a day. If I don’t religiously drink that much I get crampy and my mouth feels like a desert. If you feel well hydrated and don’t get cramps I think you’re doing what your body and your baby need.

  8. I am also not that great about water…not because I’m not thirsty, but sometimes I get lazy or just forget. I’m not purposely withholding nutrients from baby, but sometimes I feel like the blogs and OB’s make you feel that way. I used to drink about 80 fl oz per day and now I drink about 120-180. Hydration helps keep a healthy amount of amniotic fluid. You want your fluids levels to be between 9 and 25. The sacrifices we go through….

  9. I never had a problem getting down my 8 glasses until 1st trimester nausea took over my life, and now swallowing anything feels like a gamble! I’ve been coming in around 6 glasses a day (after ample trying), a healthy dose of guilt, and a (dehydration?) headache.

  10. Im not a big drinker either…..never have bern. Im lucky if i get 32 oz in a day, but its usually one bottle of water and the milk in my cereal bowl. Honestly, im not too worried about it because its not like much has stayed down anyways and baby is thriving in there. I havent been too good about the vitamins either. Its a lot to put into a system and they taste horrible.

  11. I got into the habit of water drinking when I was doing the weight loss thing. I found that a bigger bottle helped me, then I’m only drinking “3 bottles” a day.. but they’re Liter size 🙂

  12. I’m having a hard time drinking enough this time around. With my first it was no big thang at all to drink 4-5 full 44oz cups of water a day. We are talking 176oz here! I was in a constant state of thirst and it was easy to chug all that water. This time? Totally different story. And yes, I feel guilty about it but what can I do?

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