My pregnancy symptoms are weirder than your pregnancy symptoms

This morning I had an appointment to get my permanent crown and an appointment to get my ear looked at again.

The crown was done in 25 minutes. He numbed me, yanked off the temp, cleaned the tooth a little, checked the fit of the permanent, made an adjustment, then put the permanent on. Then he checked the bite and sent me on my way. It was crazy, stupid easy.

This mean that I had over an hour before I needed to leave for the ENT, so I went home and took a Gilmore Girls Nap (n.: in which you nap whilst also watching Gilmore Girls). Then I woke up (late) and rushed like hell to get to the ENT and made it with two minutes to spare.

Anyway, he looked in my ear. He said I did a good job of mostly clearing the infection with the lotrimin drops myself, but that there was another fungal build up in there. He did his ear suctioning thing again (which feels freakishly good-it’s like scratching the inside of your ear). He said the infections are definitely happening because of eczema in the ear, and that it’s most likely a skin change that has occurred because of my pregnancy.

What now?

Yes, my face is fine. My hair and nails are also fine. But the skin inside my left ear (only the left ear mind you) has eczema which is leading to fungal infections of that ear. So my new weekly routine is betamethasone ointment on Sunday nights and Lotrimin drops on Wednesday nights. For the rest of my pregnancy. And then we’ll see. He fully believes that post-partum it’ll stop being an issue.

I said to him: “This is the weirdest pregnancy symptom I’ve ever heard of. Ever.”

And basically, he agreed. It’s weird- but it happens.

I think I’d rather have the acne.

Also, I figured out that the way to get my water in every day is to drink it through a straw-life changing! 64 ounces and beyond shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Only four more (full) days until we find out the gender. Please let us know Junebug-we are all going nuts with anticipation!


11 thoughts on “My pregnancy symptoms are weirder than your pregnancy symptoms

  1. EEK! So excited for you to know if the babe is a boy or girl!!! I hope that your new ‘ear care’ routine does the trick!!

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