17 weeks

Almost time for an ultrasound!

Also, this bathroom was not decorated by me. I will accept no judgement.




16 thoughts on “17 weeks

      • I completely agree. It is definitely something that I have had (have) to learn to embrace. It is really difficult to see my body change so much – in a relatively short period of time.

        You look great!!

  1. You look great! The body changes are natural and once baby is kicking up a storm you’ll love every minute of it no matter how much your body has changed. 🙂

  2. I think it gets a little bit easier once the belly really gets going. I really love the shape of my pregnant body now but i didn’t in the second tri as much. You look gorgeous!

  3. You look great!! Body changes are hard! And hard to accept, even though you know full well they are coming. It’s a weird mind game 🙂 But, again, you look amaing! Can’t wait to hear about the ultrasound!! XO

  4. Hot damn lady you could have yourself one serious disco par-tay in that bathroom!
    That is one very nice looking bump you have there, congrats.
    Also, I love the sleeves on your top 🙂

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