It had just been so long since I had peed on anything

I took a pregnancy test last night.

Y’all, I know that’s stupid. But seriously, it’s like some weird addiction. I could go on that show. At any rate, it was positive. I know you’re all shocked.


And the test was just sitting there. Feeling lonely.

Desperate to be peed on.

That’s all I got. I’m a weirdo. Charlie’s “let’s make sure you’re still a girl” ultrasound is on Tuesday and I’m actually a teensy bit nervous about it, so….happy thoughts?


8 thoughts on “It had just been so long since I had peed on anything

  1. LOL!! I did this too in my first pregnancy. A few weeks or maybe it was just days before I gave birth, I peed on a test. I just wasn’t sure I would ever have the opportunity to get a positive ever again and I really wanted to see those 2 pink lines!!!

  2. Saw that you followed my blog so came over to check yours out. Congrats on your pregnancy! I too peed on a lot of extra sticks for no reason before my miscarriage. They do seem oddly lonely under the sink after a while:)

  3. Haha… I totally confess to doing the exact same thing last week. I was cleaning out a drawer in the bathroom, and the tests were all right there! They were calling to me!

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