An unexpected day off

Not today. Today I’m working. Working hard for the money. And stuff.

But tomorrow, I’m taking the day off, sort of last minute. I had already planned to take a half a day for my OB appointment, especially since they can run so very long just depending. But something I hadn’t mentioned to you guys because I just hadn’t thought it was even WORTH mentioning, is that I have this icky rash on my chest.

Technically-I have TWO rashes. I have heat rash in between my breasts that is from my bras not fitting me properly anymore. I desperately need to invest in some new ones, and I’m going to have some time tomorrow so that may be on the agenda. Anyway, I’ve got that, but then on top of my chest (beneath my clavicle before you get to the really fleshy part of my breasts) I have some other type of rash. It itched like crazy at first and I thought it could be eczema since I have that IN MY EAR now, so I got some lotion with colloidal oatmeal that was recommended for eczema and it’s helped to take the itch out, but the rash is still there. I’ve had it for over a month I’d say and been using the lotion for at least a week.

So anyway, I called my dermatologist who is notoriously booked up (it can take 4-6 weeks easily to get an appointment) figuring I’d have to wait forever, but they had an opening at 10:15 tomorrow morning and I jumped on it. It’s going to work out so nicely, because I can get him to prescribe something and then get it approved that afternoon at my OB appointment. And between appointments (OB appointment isn’t until 1:30) I can buy some bras.

I knew it was time to get it looked at because of three things: 1) last night my sister asked me if I had the measles 2) this morning my mother asked me if I had chicken pox and 3) when I came into work Supreme Boss just asked me with a look of horror on her face “what’s going on with your chest?!”

I know it has to be something pregnancy induced, I just don’t know what it is. And I hope it can be cleared up, because it IS unpleasant to look at and I work with kids, so I don’t want to freak out their parents or anything.

In other news, I went over to my dad’s house last night for dinner and to clear out some of my old stuff because he’s trying to sell his house. My sister has been in major bitch mode over this project because she doesn’t work other than her “farm”, which is obviously in hibernation mode right now, so she’s been helping my dad out a lot. I, on the other hand, work 50 hours a week AND AM PREGNANT, so I just said that I would come over for an hour before dinner and get my stuff. She acted like there was no possible way this could be done, but hello, I haven’t lived there in NINE YEARS, so really I didn’t have much. I did leave a bunch of children’s books there because he didn’t want the bookshelves to be empty, but I cleared the room of all my knick knacks in about 45 minutes. Not to mention that a bunch of stuff got moved in there after I left, including a bunch of my sisters stuff, so I didn’t touch that.

She was such a sour puss about it. Not to mention that she got my dad to buy her an animal trailer for hauling her goats around because “it was a really good deal and she just didn’t have the money.” I really don’t need to know these things. They just make me madder later on when dad bugs me about how broke he is (he always starts the year off in a good place-the bugging will come later) because my 32 year old sister is such a moocher.

This was a big old rambly post. I’ll update tomorrow after my rash appointment and my confirming-Charlie-is-still-a-girl appointment. Happy Monday.


10 thoughts on “An unexpected day off

  1. Man, you are just an amalgamation of crazy pregnancy side effects!! Fingers crossed this is the last of it, and its a quick fix at the derm tomorrow!! and yaaaay for getting to see Charlie again!

  2. Good luck with the rash & bras! Buying new bras has been the absolute biggest pain in my ass. I finally am in nursing bras now that are basically stretchy sports bras. When I first bought them they had plenty of room in the cups – now – notsomuch. F! I don’t know what I am going to do – everything I read says to not buy nursing bras until just a few weeks from delivery. I had to buy a new sports bra this weekend & found myself in a 34E, lovely. Let me know what you find out!!

    • The thing is that it’s really not that bad-the oatmeal lotion keeps it from itching. It just LOOKS ugly and it worries people, so its time to deal with it. And I’m a vain person, so I’d like for it to go away 🙂

  3. I hope both of your appointments go well tomorrow. I am currently using a bra extender because I don’t have the funds for a lot of new bras. I hope you are able to find some good ones! I’m sorry to hear your sister was so crabby over you getting your stuff. Family. 🙂

  4. I had the same rash – on my lower neck/upper chest area! I just used hydrocortizone cream and it would go away for a few days and then come back. I never did ask my doctor about it (it was always gone during appointments so I’d forget). It just sort of cleared up and went away at about 20 weeks. Hopefully you can get prescribed something so you don’t have to wait that long. Good luck!

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