I figured out a miracle today-folks with non- wordpress blogs please read!

So, for the last few years of blogging I’ve always been bothered that I miss out on good stuff from folks on blogspot, blogger, and the like. I didn’t think I could follow anyone who wasn’t a wordpress blog.

Apparently I’m REAL DUMB and there was a way to do this in the wordpress reader all along. So now that I know it, please, if you’ve been commenting and reading and supporting me in my journey I WANT TO SUPPORT YOU AND READ YOU TOO!!! Comment on here with your blog URL so I can follow the crap out of your blog.

Because I will, I will follow the crap out of your blog.

Comment. DO EET.


17 thoughts on “I figured out a miracle today-folks with non- wordpress blogs please read!

    • Ugh, really? That sucks. I was trying to find a reader that I could import my wordpress reader into and then add other blogs to as well, but so far no dice. And I follow SO MANY on wordpress that it would be maddening to try to do them all one by one.

      • I will-you’d think they would want to make it easy to pull people away from their blog readers. Everyone has a feature that you can import your google reader (now that it’s defunct) but I haven’t found anyone that will let you import your wordpress reader.

  1. I use it for some of the blogs outside of WP that I follow, but there’s usually a bit of a delay (ie: it shows up in my reader about 1-3 days after it was posted, but not at the top – if that makes sense?) Confession: I started my blog on blogger but switched to WP because of the reader feature!

  2. The posts show up hours and days late, like what My Perfect Breakdown said. You have to scroll down some and a new post may appear. What I do is that I just go onto my favorite non-WP bloggers’ sites and check. Some other people use Feedly.

    • Feedly was what I was looking into, but I couldn’t find a way to import my wordpress reader. I really want to be able to see people all in one place, but I might have to resort to a wordpress and non-wordpress reader. I feel so bad that other people are coming over and seeing me and I’m not seeing them!

  3. thank you for the tip! I didn’t know this and wished several blogs were on WP just so I could follow them. Going to try this right now 🙂

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