19 Week Update

How Far Along? – 19 Weeks. Whoa

Current Weight/Weight Gain – 8 pounds. Yeesh. I know that’s normal and everything, but yeesh.

Maternity Clothes?. Oh yeah.

Stretch Marks? Nope

Sleep? Starting to get rough. I wake up frequently due to bathroom needs AND when I wake up and I’m on my back I quickly shift, but my back hurts if I actually sleep on it, so then I’m dealing with soreness. Time to get a snoogle I think.

Movement?: I THINK so. There have been several times in the last few weeks where it’s felt like internal tapping, but it’s not happening every day yet. My OB says it should be any day now that it’s easily recognizable.

Meds Taken? – Zyrtec and prenatal vitamin. Now a steroid cream for Chestema (Chest Eczema).

Baby Size? – Heirloom tomato, Mango, just depends on what app you ask.

Baby Bump?:  I’m straight up bumpin’

Labor Signs?: Nope.

Belly Button In or Out?: In.

Wedding Rings on or off?: On.

Happy or Moody?: The last couple of days have been much better for me mood wise. I’m not sure whats up with the shift, but last week was so shitty and hard, and the funeral is this Saturday and it’s going to be shitty and hard, so maybe my moods are just giving me a break for a few days.

Symptoms? – Insane burping after I eat, round ligament pain if I’ve had a really active day.

Cravings? – Nothing in particular. I’m just very susceptible to suggestion right now. Yesterday my aunt posted a picture of a root beer float and I HAD to have one. So I did….

Miss Anything?: Nothing too much this week.

Best Moment This Past Week? – Yesterday I realized that the June birth flower is the rose-which is so perfect. Plus getting confirmation today that she REALLY is a girl!

Looking Forward To This Week? – Some time off with Chief this weekend. I miss him right now so much because he has class every night.


7 thoughts on “19 Week Update

  1. Tapping is totally what I felt at first! It took a while before it was daily/regular – probably until 23/24ish weeks. and it just keeps getting more frequent/regular!

  2. Happy 19 weeks! I am kind of the same way with cravings–highly suggestible. Mention donuts, and I want a freaking donut. Funny that it doesn’t work that way with broccoli, though.

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