Chestema and Charlie

1. The dermatologist at first thought I had a fungal infection called TV, which sounds a whole HELL of a lot like TB, which sent me into panic mode for about ten seconds before he enunciated. After doing a scraping he couldn’t find any actual fungus, so we’re treating it as eczema, and I’m calling it Chestema. My OBGYN blessed the steroid cream that was prescribed, so hopefully it’ll clear up in a few weeks.

2. Charlie is still a girl and will stay a girl (unless she changes that later in life-I’ll love her no matter what). He could even see little girl parts today! I’m relieved. As I’ve said, I would have been thrilled with a boy too, but once you’re bonded to one gender it’s devastating to think of being told something different at the next US.

3. Next appointment is the glucose test. They say I only fast for two hours before the test-does that sound kosher? It’s the one hour test.


17 thoughts on “Chestema and Charlie

  1. For my one hour glucose test, I was told not to fast at all. Just once I drank the solution, no food, water or even gum until the test. So I guess it is different everywhere!

  2. Glad you got some cream!! I hope it clears your rash up! I did the glucose test first thing in the morning & was fasting all night for it. Not sure if that made a difference or not. But I passed.

    • I usually eat breakfast around 7 am, so hopefully if I can manage to not eat after that (which will be hard!) it will turn out okay. I also hope my Girl Scout cookies come in soon so I can enjoy them before they’re potentially off limits.

      • Ohhh I totally forgot that I ordered some of those! I am sure you will be okay if you are following orders, my doctor said I didn’t have to be fasting at all!!

  3. Really hope the cream helps that rash. I had to take the one hour test early in my pregnancy and they didn’t make me fast at all, so you should be good with a 2-hour fast!

  4. ❤ you for your comment about Charlie – so glad you're gonna be a mom!
    I fasted overnight for my 1 hour (from bedtime to the AM appointment) and still failed by 1 point . . .so no advice! I did pass the three hour after a full 12 hour fast.

    • Thank you! I’ve always been raised to be accepting and liberal, but I also took a gender roles class in college where we talked academically about transgender issues and I learned SO MUCH in that class. One of the talks Chief and I had before having a child was whether or not we would be accepting if our child was gay, transgender, bi, etc. I was so relieved when he instantly was like “Well, yeah of course. That’s my kid-I’m going to love them no matter what.” Considering the family he came from that’s a pretty miraculous view point for him!

  5. Glad to hear the rash isn’t serious and that Charlie is still a girl. 😉

    The nurse at my OB’s office said you only have to fast for 2 hours but she recommends 12 just to be safe so hopefully you won’t fail and have to do the 3hr. I fasted for 14 hours and I’m glad I did. My sil failed her’s a few days after I passed mine and had to take the 3hr which she thankfully passed. 🙂

  6. I was told to fast for an hour or two before the glucose test (can’t remember), but I specifically remember being told by the nurse to eat something protein-rich and low-carb right before the fasting period. I think I had a couple of eggs. I passed, but I have no idea if that’s related.

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