Man, I am so glad I ended up with a day off yesterday, because sister got stuff DONE.

Besides getting this skin condition worked out (I think the cream is already working, the spots look much lighter) and having another good OB appointment, I actually finally bought some new bras.

I am relieved to tell you that so far I’ve only gone up a cup size. I was a 38 DDD before and now I’m a 38 G or SOMETIMES H just depending on the brand. I so hope that all my pregnant infertility sisters out there are letting trained bra fitters assist them as they go up in size-it really makes all the difference. Since mine are growing fairly slowly I’m HOPING that these three I bought will last me at least another 15 weeks, then I can invest in nursing bras.

Because 3 bras for me was 177 dollars. Hachachacha.

I also got to have lunch with my mom and step dad which was a rare treat. I drove all over town yesterday! First to the derm, then to Dillards for bras, then to the law firm to meet my momma, then to Target to buy some socks and hairspray (I know, but I just happened to need both those things) then to the OBGYN, then, finally, back home where I did a tiny bit of cleaning and then took a short nap until Chief got home from class, THEN we went to the commissary to get groceries for the week.

It’s just nice to get things done. I sort of feel like I’m CONSTANTLY behind the 8 ball. If I could take a few weeks off from the firm without everything getting majorly backed up, I’d probably do that just to get caught up in my home life-but that’s not possible for me yet.

This weekend Chief and I need to finish cleaning out Charlie’s room and hopefully get the carpet in there ripped up so we can start priming the walls (and by we, I mean he, because we use the Zinnsser BIN primer in our house since my father in law lived there and smoked, and it’s shellac based. Meaning it is NOXIOUS-but it seals in that nicotine so it doesn’t come back to haunt you later). If we could prime this weekend then we could paint next weekend and maybe make some headway on flooring. I’m probably getting way ahead of myself here, because projects NEVER go as quickly as you want them to.

Oh-and side bar/complete change of subject-yesterday at the OB appointment I was SO SURPRISED at how much Charlie had moved up and over in just a few weeks. I hadn’t dopplered at home in a while so when they did it yesterday she was very much right next to my belly button, where as before she’s been much lower than that-no wonder I can’t eat much before I’m full!

That’s all folks. Happy Wednesdays to you all.


6 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Bras. Ugh. I’m close to needing new ones, myself. I’m hoping I can put it off for a few more weeks. I’m seriously jealous of your day off. I could really use a day like that!

    • They don’t come around very often! I mean, of course weekends do, but those are always for projects. It’s nice to have a running around REALLY accomplishing things kind of day. And topping it off with a nap was just very delicious icing on the cake 🙂

  2. Yay for good appointments!

    I bought new bras around the 15 or 16 week mark (I think?) and was able to wear them for the rest of my pregnancy. At some point in the third trimester they got painful again but then my daughter dropped, I could breathe again and my bras fit once more.

  3. Yay for a productive day off look at you getting things done making the rest of us feel like slackers haha j/k
    Bras no fun my mom is an “I” and those bras are not cheap even at the cheaper stores my issue seems to be the around part I’m like an in between size around I go down a size its too tight even on the loosest I go up a size and it’s to loose even on the tightest i can’t win although those bras that can be crossed in the back help alot… best of luck with the next 15 weeks hopefully no more bras will be needed until it’s time for nursing bras!

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