Power nap bump selfie

It’s Friday, so I am TIRED today. I took the last fifteen minutes of my lunch under my desk in a power nap, and thought this could go under the atypical bump selfie file. 19w3d:



5 thoughts on “Power nap bump selfie

  1. Almost 20 weeks already?! Wow! I feel like it was just a couple of weeks ago when you announced you were pregnant! I hope you have a great weekend sugars! xo

  2. Time is flying and dragging just like Molly said-I can’t believe we’re already halfway done but feel like we have so far to go. But at the same time, like there’s not enough time (or paychecks) before she arrives. EEp!

  3. I had to laugh at this because I took lunch hour naps under my desk when I was pregnant too!! I thought I was the only one who did that. 🙂 They helped me make it through the day. Have a good weekend!

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