A soft cloud (snoogle) to weather out the storm on, and taking back some control

Before I realized today that I had double paid some bills on this paycheck that I couldn’t actually afford to double pay, I ordered myself a snoogle, because the sleeps are getting hard y’all.

I ordered it on Saturday and just got the email today that it has shipped. I have no regrets. Come to me snoogle. Mama’s having anxiety and need you in her life.

Also this:

1. Chief’s financial aid basically gave us the “you’ll hear from us when you hear from us” spiel today. Fun.

2. Chief couldn’t get in to see a doctor until tomorrow, but he says his pain is better today, so either he’s lying to me to ease my anxiety or it’s actually better. I’ll be able to tell tonight. I’m hoping for actually better.

3. I worked out two things dealing with my three credit cards (that actually have balances-I have several that are paid off) today:

a) One card had a massive card security fee that I was paying every month unknowingly. I cancelled it (card security, not the card itself). This pisses me off, because it was literally throwing away money. It only covered us if we become unemployed, and the balance on that card is so low that the payments are very low, so even if we did become unemployed we would still be able to cover it. I’ve been paying 2-3 times more than they request every month to get it paid down. Cancelling the card security subscription will help me get it paid down MUCH faster.

b) I have another card that has a 0% APR until August. We got it to supplement what the GI bill couldn’t cover in infertility treatments. It’s sitting at less than 50% of the limit. I’m also working towards getting it paid down by paying extra every month. Today I found out that in August they’re giving me a 29% APR. I basically threw a fit. I have a credit score of consistently over 700 and I’ve NEVER had a delinquency. I went from having around $20,000 in credit card debt (can you say unemployment AND being a college kid?) to the $6000 I have now in just a matter of a few years. I should NOT have a 29% APR. I have something like $15,000 in credit card limit available to me that I don’t use because once those cards were paid off I took them out of my wallet. Nothing I told them changed their minds. Basically they told me to suck it, so I zipped on over to my third credit card that has a very low balance and a very low interest rate and asked for an extension of my credit line. They complied immediately and said they would take the balance of the other card gladly. I’m going to work my butt off to get as much of it paid down as I can, but I don’t care if there’s only $5 left on it by August, I’m transferring that shit in July. Because that pisses me off.

While this doesn’t solve the majority of the problems that sent me into my tailspin earlier, it was some control I was able to take back. My goal is to be credit card debt free in two years, though with Charlie coming I may give myself a one year extension.

Things are certainly not “fixed”, but I’m coping. I have not cried today. I have pulled myself together and kept going. I have two hours of work left and then I intend to go home and continue with my never ending task of doing laundry (so close to being done! You know, for a day).Then I’m going to go to bed and wake up and do it all over again.

Thank you to everyone who commented. Your advice and experiences helped me SO MUCH. I really felt like I was losing control and just not handling things right. It makes me feel better to know that, you know, anxiety is just a thing that happens sometimes. And that I CAN help myself.


8 thoughts on “A soft cloud (snoogle) to weather out the storm on, and taking back some control

  1. 29% APR seems extremely high. In that case I would do exactly what you did, but I would also call the other place back and say ‘as a direct result of you being inflexible in regards to your APR I will be leaving your client pool”. How rude!

  2. Whaaat? 29%? That credit card company sucks. You can usually knock out a few percentage points if you ask, especially if your account is in good standing. I think you might have had a trainee whose manager will be talking to them soon. 😉

    • Maybe it-it’s Capital One. I’m going to give them another shot in July to fix it and if they don’t then BANK OF AMERICA of all people is getting my business, because I’ve had a credit card with them for nearly ten years now and they’ve NEVER screwed me. Which is bizarre, because their business practices are pretty awful from what I understand.

  3. Credit card companies are so messed up sometimes. It makes me so angry. I just got a letter from one of my credit card companies that my interest rate was going up to 28%. I was so pissed off! I ended up dipping into our house savings to pay it off because no way in hell was I going to pay that much interest. I can’t close the account because we’re in the middle of trying to buy a house, but I sure took pleasure in cutting up that card!

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