The snoogle and the sick

The snoogle arrived yesterday. It’s timing is impeccable, because I’ve spent the day in bed, sick.

I am more than a little pissed about this honestly. I have been DILIGENT in keeping myself as sanitized as possible. I am by no means a germaphobe, but with how bad this flu season has been (yes, i did get a flu shot, but I’m in one of the hardest hit states according to the scary map, and the shot is only 60% effective) and you know, the whole being pregnant and responsible for another life thing, I’ve sort of turned myself into a germaphobe.

I wash my hands every time I go to the bathroom, WHICH IS OFTEN. I open the bathroom door with my elbow, not my hand. I even asked the Captain if I could put the bathroom keys we have to hand out at work in a place where I wouldn’t have to touch them so much, and every time I DO touch them, I hand sanitize.

I drink fluids, I take vitamins, I manage my allergies, I EAT FREAKING FRUIT.

But I woke up with a head that wanted to explode, a cough, and a fever. Not too high of a fever, but a fever. And fevers are the work deal breaker. This is what I get for bragging about not really being sick while pregnant. I mean I had the ear infections, but that only made me miss one day of work back in October. I pride myself on being of “hardy stock” when it comes to illness. Except for today apparently.

I’ve been managing with tylenol all day and keeping a watch on the temperature, but I’m a bad patient. I’m cranky and lonely and I just want someone to snuggle all day (other than the plethora of cats). Chief has been home for about an hour and pretty soon he’ll have to leave to go to class until 8:40 this evening.

So anyway, I’m just snuggling with my snoogle and I’ve been watching Netflix all day. Did you know they made a Mulan II? I don’t recommend it.

In other news, last night my mom and stepdad and Chief and I went out to find curtain fabric for Charlie’s room, and I’m in love with what we found. It was not….cheap, but my mom is buying it today so she can get 20% off. It was originally 74.99 a yard, but it’s on redline special for 32.99, and with 20% off we’re talking somewhere in the 25.00 a yard neighborhood, and she only needs a yard and a half because it’s such a wide print. So we’re not saving any money having her do it, but I’m getting exactly what I want, and I figure we’re spending about the same as if we’d gone store bought. I couldn’t find any that I really liked so having a mom who sews is coming in really handy.

I’m attaching a picture, The nursery itself is going to be a combo of yellows with pale mint walls. I’m just going with pink accents here and there-I didn’t want to go overtly girly with it.



7 thoughts on “The snoogle and the sick

  1. LOVE the fabric you picked out! It’s beautiful! Hope you feel better soon. Pregnant + sick is so sucky. My wife came down with a hideous cold on Friday last week and it just keeps getting worse. So far I’m still standing, but I wonder how long I’m going to last.

    • Thank you! There was a much cheaper one that had orange instead of yellow flowers that I almost went with, but I just thought the yellow would tie in so nicely.

      And yes-pregnant and sick sucks the big one. Fingers crossed this is my only cold this pregnancy. I don’t call in to work often, but I do feel like I’m off all the time for doctors appts, and I hate being unreliable.

  2. oh no the flu it terrible! I’ve managed to escape it so far but I work in a casino with lots of out of town traffic… so it’s inevitably coming this way! Hope you feel better soon eat some chicken noodle soup and watch classics all day thats my sick at home go to guide lol

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