I go a-walkin’

I have been a bad girl. I have been eating/drinking sugary things and NOT exercising. I’m spiraling myself towards gestational diabetes land.

The cravings are just SO BAD. And so is the exhaustion.

But I’m TRYING to be better. Yesterday at the store I checked the sugar/carb content of everything we were buying and tried to be moderate about it. I had switched to the higher calorie yogurt when I got pregnant to try and incorporate more good fat into my diet, but the problem is that those are also higher in sugar, so I’ve switched back. And instead of chocolate milk boxes (yes, I am five years old) I’ve switched to plain old 2% for my afternoon work snack.

And I’m going to try to ONLY give in to my coke craving once a week. I was so good about not drinking coke for almost 2 years before I got pregnant, and then Charlie came along and I was just so tired and felt so crummy, and Coke as like a panacea. Cutting myself off cold turkey at this point is dooming myself to failure, so like I said-once a week.

Unless I get the gestational diabetes call, and then it will be never. EVER.

Also, my screening is on the 24th and my girl scout cookies are set to arrive on the 21st.

This is clearly a cruel joke.

On top of all this I’m going to try and walk more, particularly on my lunch breaks when the weather is nice. We’re having a 60 degree sunshiney day today, so I spent the first half of my hour break walking down by the river (I just so happen to work in the downtown area of our town, which also happens to be the prettiest). Then I came back and spent thirty minutes eating my lunch and watching an episode of the Office (I’ve seen them all, but I like watching happy things during lunch).

I’m hoping I can walk 4 days a week, even if that includes weekends at the gym (because let’s face it, it’s February-these 60 degree days probably aren’t going to stick). I just know I need to do better by myself and by Charlie. Hoping for good results on the 24th.


14 thoughts on “I go a-walkin’

  1. As an FYI – developing GD has absolutely *nothing* to do with your diet, exercise, pregnancy weight gain size. For real. It’s not like Type 2 diabetes (which can be impacted by those things) – it’s 100% hormonal and your placenta’s fault if you get it, so relax on that end, ok? (I know this because 1) I researched the hell out of it when I failed my 1 hour and 2) my super skinny healthiest eater-ever co-worked had GD. The woman doesn’t even LIKE coke. what?!?)
    Also, I’ve gotten into plain yogurt (greek) with some honey drizzled on top, so the sugar is limited but it’s still the higher clacium/higher protein kind. Might be worth a thought?!

  2. Cinnamon lowers your sugar so boil some water and add a couple cinnamon sticks. Let it sit for like 20 min then drink.’ You can drink it hot or cold. I drank a couple cups at night

  3. I am right there with you. I finally got my butt on the treadmill on Saturday and it felt so good. I’m just going to have to try to remember how good it felt when I get home from work last night and just want to throw myself into the couch. I met with a fantastic midwife yesterday who also happens to run a GD diet clinic and she told me not to set the bar too high and to try to eat 75% healthy. 75% feels manageable to me.

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