External kicks

Last night, I felt charlie kick from the outside. Totally nuts. I was so frustrated because chief was taking a test in the other room and I couldn’t disturb him. Oh well, there will be more kicks.

I just didn’t expect to feel them so early, especially with my extra fluff!


7 thoughts on “External kicks

  1. Have you seen her kick yet? So cool! The first time my husband felt a strong kick, he found it cool/weird and the first time he saw a good kick, he assumed our son would be born via busting out my womb.

  2. I can feel a lot of kicks on the outside, but only seen them once or twice. So now in the evenings when I’m doing kick counts I pull up my shirt and just stare and poke. I think another week or two and I’ll be able to see them more. It’s so cool! And a little freaky! lol

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