See, I knew there was going to be a problem with cutting back on my coke consumption. And that problem is that I HAVE A PROBLEM.

A sugar problem.

The captain and I decided that today was going to be pizza day. Monday was apparently National Pizza Day and we missed it, so we went to our favorite pizza joint for lunch. I HAVE to drink Coke with pizza. That is just a thing. A common decency thing. So I planned all week to drink my one weekly coke today.

And I did. I had it with my bad for me slice of cheese dipped in ranch dressing. The problem is that today I’ve also had a donut and a piece of cake.

I’m pretty sure that if I DO have GD right now then I should probably drop dead in about an hour. If you never hear from me again, this is why.

Ugh. Y’all. I AM DISGUSTED WITH MYSELF. That’s probably a strong word, but disappointed for sure if not disgusted. Before I got pregnant I had gotten SO GOOD about controlling myself. Hell-I spent a whole year and a half retraining my mind and body. And then it was like all bets were off. I’m not BLAMING the baby, persay. But I’m blaming the baby. This is all her fault.

Also, isn’t craving sugar a symptom of GD? Because my God, I crave it. I did really, REALLY good by not eating any of those cupcakes I made yesterday. Not a one. I did have just a taste of the frosting to make sure it was right, but I’d say less than a teaspoon. But today, all bets were off. Today is the day of the sugar.

And yesterday my weight was up 11 pounds from pre-pregnancy. For a fluffy girl I feel like that’s too much for 21 weeks. If I weren’t pregnant right now I’d just make plans to hop on the elliptical tonight and go to town, but I think a 180+ heart rate is probably against doctors orders. But really, that’s what my mind says to do: “You made a mistake-now fix it.” But I guess the only fixing it I can really do at this point is to try not to make that mistake again, right?



13 thoughts on “SUGAR

  1. My OB told me to have something protein, carbs and sugar before bed to help control my fasting AM blood sugars (I’ve been GD since 17 weeks) her recommendation was cheesecake. I shit you not. (ok, she also said plain cheesecake. and just a small slice, like a half serving. But all I heard was cheesecake! haha) Also- I can eat a cupcake before dinner, or have pizza for lunch without throwing my numbers off too much- so don’t feel too bad! You aren’t huffing the donut dust out of the box on the daily- so count that as a win!! lol

    You got this girl, you deserve a little treat now and then- growing a human is HARD!! 🙂

    • Another blogger said that their OB told them to eat ice cream before bed with their GD! I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT ALL THIS MEANS.

      I’ve just taught myself to be so hard on myself. I went back to remember what my A1C was prepregnancy and it was 5.1, so very normal, but I know that in pregnancy all bets are off. I just need to get this stupid test over with so I can stop freaking out so much. I mean, even if I do pass it I still need to be better about the sugar because I DO NOT want to gain too much weight. I would like to stay under 25, although my mom (who has always been so critical of weight gain on me) says that under 30 would be a healthier goal. And in my head I’m like 30 POUNDS?! ARE YOU KIDDING?!

      • lol the way my OB explained it to me is that its less about the sugar, and more about the carbohydrates and protein pairs. High sugar things tend to be high carb, and refined sugar is always harder on the body than natural sugars but it really depends on how your body reacts. For example- I can have that cookie… but if I eat half a cup of strawberries my blood sugar sky rockets. Its a weird balance finding experience. Some days a slice of whole grain bread is a no go, but a baked potato is A-OK. I’ve pretty much decided it’s a crap shoot. lol

        Gaining too much weight is a fear of mine for pregnancy too- I started off on the extra heavy side, so gaining more than 15lbs start to finish is not recommended for me. Its tough! ESPECIALLY now when you cant rely on what you used to (extra exercise, restriction, etc) pre-pregnancy. Just don’t be too rough on yourself. As long as Charlie is healthy and happy in there- THAT’S what is important.

        On my worst days I remind myself that there are women out there that do hard drugs, and drink and smoke, and go on rollercoasters and have babies every day. It’s a terrible comparison, but then I feel like at least I’m not messing up COMPLETELY. haha 🙂

      • I’m pretty sure that I “shouldn’t” gain more than 20, although my OB hasn’t said anything like that. It’s just all been about the literature. Every time I go I anxiously ask if my weight gain is Ok and they say it’s fine. It’s hard because EVERYONE puts so much faith in BMI which is such a flawed system. I have ginormous breasts, and did even after I lost 60 pounds and got down to a size 8-10 in jeans, but I was still well in the middle of the “overweight” BMI score range.

        I haven’t actually asked my OB what he expects for me in weight gain. I’ve just put self-imposed limits on myself. Perhaps I should, I don’t know, actually ASK the man who has been delivering babies for 25 years.

      • that would be me! and yup, small scoop of chocolate ice cream with crushed brazil nuts last night = awesome fasting blood sugar of 82 this morning. when your body is fasting during pregnancy, the hormone glucagon acts up around 3-5am trying to get your blood sugar to go up, and that’s why the sugar can go up too high if you haven’t eaten anything substantial for a bedtime snack. and yet, i eat 1/2 cup oatmeal cooked with 1 cup almond milk at lunch, and my sugar shoots up. 😛

  2. If your OB is saying that your weight gain in fine then I wouldn’t worry about it. I think that you gain the most weight in the second trimester because in the third you usually can’t eat very much (no room!).

    If you are having a sugar craving maybe eat a piece of fruit? I ate TONS of watermelon and pineapple while I was pregnant.

  3. I was the same way with my pregnancy. I had lost 89 lbs prior to getting pregnant and was told I should only gain 11-20 lbs total. I did really good until the second half and decided frozen pizza was what I wanted every night for dinner. I ended up gaining close to 40 total (oops) and even though I had lost most of it the first couple weeks after my daughter was born I still crave the carbs and have gained again.

    The truth is every woman is different with pregnancy weight gain. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s ok to splurge once in a while. 🙂

    I REALLY need to get back on the healthy eating wagon now, but with it being February all the stuff I like isn’t in season and it’s just not the same!

  4. If it makes you feel any better, I told Catch that I really want something green for dinner tonight. We settled on picking up salads from a little place by our house. I am ordering a milkshake with my salad, and if they ask me if I want whipped cream, I’m going to tell them to just give me the bottle.

  5. Honest to heaven getting a meter and seeing what YOUR blood sugar is on a routine basis and after having a coke and pizza is the sanest thing to do. It isn’t hard to do and the finger sticks are nothing compared to infertility treatments. You can’t cheat or tweak or game play the facts either and maybe it lets you be easier on yourself and way less worried. Check first thing in morning and 2 hours after you eat something you think might be sending your sugars soaring. It is ok if it goes up but in 2 hours it is supposed to drop again to reasonable levels. IF you chart it you can then ask the doc and the doc will talk from your facts not statistical averages……. Beating yourself up really isn’t helpful, facts are.
    You are a wonderful writer … and so hard on yourself. Facts not guessing will make life easier.

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