22 Weeks Update

How Far Along? – 22 Weeks

Current Weight/Weight Gain – 11.8 pounds. According to a calculator I found online, this is 4 pounds too much when you consider my starting weight because it goes off of BMI. Basically any weight I gain feels like too much to me, so I don’t really know who to believe. I also know that BMI is terribly flawed. There is no doubt that I started off overweight, but the calculator calls me “obese” and I was wearing a size 12 in jeans pre-pregnancy (and in pregnancy jeans for that matter), so I don’t really consider myself to be “obese”. I wish America didn’t put so much stock in BMI when so many doctors acknowledge how flawed it is. UK friends, does your country do BMI as well?

Maternity Clothes?. Oh yeah.

Stretch Marks? Nope

Sleep? I wake up constantly to pee. I love the snoogle, but I wish our bed was bigger because I kick the snoogle out frequently.

Movement?: Yes, very very much so.

Meds Taken? – Zyrtec, prenatal vitamin, and steroid cream for chest eczema.

Baby Size? – Spaghetti squash-apparently she should be about 1 pound this week.

Baby Bump?: I’m straight up bumpin’

Labor Signs?: Nope.

Belly Button In or Out?: In.

Wedding Rings on or off?: On.

Happy or Moody?: Both I guess. Just depending on the day.

Symptoms? – Nothing too bad lately. I feel hungry a lot. And I have to pee.

Cravings? – Nothing in particular. I’m just very susceptible to suggestion right now.

Miss Anything?: Eating as much tuna as I want. I really want to eat tuna, like all the time.

Best Moment This Past Week? – I don’t really know honestly. It’s been sort of a rough week. We’re still waiting to hear about Chief’s financial aid. Hoping for a notice in the mail today, but have to wait for the poor postman to make it through the ice.

Looking Forward To This Week? – Getting the gestational diabetes test over with.


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