Our financial aid appeal. Denied.

We didn’t get a letter yesterday like we were told we would. So Chief called today. And they told him he had been denied, but wouldn’t tell him why. They said it’s in the letter. The letter we haven’t received.

I just can’t think of a reason. LAST semester they had no history to go off of except his bad semesters ten years ago, and yet they gave him financial aid. THIS semester they had LAST semester, where he got a 3.0 and had his academic probation removed to go off of, and they denied us.

How? How is that possible? He’s a full time student in good standing. He’s a fucking veteran with a GI Bill. He JUST spent three days that EVERYONE ELSE at that goddamn university was off saving people who had wrecked out on the road. I can’t WAIT to see what this letter says. And I can’t wait to EVISCERATE them, not only on their facebook page, but in a letter to the dean of his college, the provost, the head of financial aid, and the head of the university. If we can AT ALL get him into a different university that offers a good array of online courses, we will. I’m looking at other programs in our area. Unfortunately the school he’s at offers the best selection.

He’s going to go by the VA office on campus tomorrow and see if they can advocate for him in any way, but the financial aid office says that ALL decisions on financial aid appeals are final. There is no second appeal process. Even if they are BLATANTLY wrong and inconsistent, apparently there is NO appeal.

And we still have ways to pay for maternity leave, but this was a good chunk of money that would have just been…peace of mind money, I guess? Right now we have almost $3000. That should go up to at least $4000 by the time I go on leave, hopefully more like $4500. We’re going to have to be really, really careful with our spending. I’m glad we’ve been trying to be thrifty and get things cheap and used. We wanted to have $6000-7000 grand JUST in case my dad backed out on buying our furniture, or I have to go on bed rest early, or any of these real life awful situations. We wanted to be really well prepared. Not just sort of prepared.

I’m actually staying very calm. The old Librarian would have gone to her office and cried. The current Librarian went to her office and fumed, and got really mad, and started researching the HELL out of ways we can fix this situation. Maybe it’s the “becoming a mother” thing. Maybe it has me more balanced. I don’t know. All I know is, mama bear is coming out because they’re fucking with papa bear. And it will NOT stand. I may not be able to get them to reverse their decision, but I sure can publicly call them out for it. You do NOT get away with messing with a deserving veteran. Especially not when he’s MY husband.


15 thoughts on “Denied

  1. I’m so proud of you. They obviously made an error, but that error is HUGE and I’m glad you’re going to let them and everyone else know about it. Sorry for the extra stress this is causing!

  2. Financial aid officers = the devil. I’m so sorry! If Chief has to transfer, I know of a good accredited online school that caters to military personnel. I always enjoyed classes with them because they had a lot to offer. Get ’em Mama Bear!

    • Ugh. It’s so tricky. We would go TOTALLY online but then he’s only entitled to 50% GI Bill benefits. He has to take at least one in person course, so we’re chained to the local universities. My college was wonderful and only 30 minutes away, but all of their online stuff is for graduate degrees.

  3. I’m so very sorry to hear this. It is complete and utter b.s. in my mind. I hope that you get through to someone who will care and actually do something about this horrendous situation. ❤

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