This is What I’ve Become

Yesterday-thank you for your righteous indignation. I can’t even talk about that situation at this point. It gets me worked up and I just have to not go there. Let’s just say that other universities are looking better and better.

Sometimes when I’m feeling a bought of extreme sleepiness at work I’ll take a 15 minute nap under my desk. It’s totally kosher (I think). The 15 minute break is at least, and I don’t think our admins would REALLY care that much that I’ve made a nest under my desk (there’s a pillow and everything).

Anyway, I just had one of those sleepy boughts and really, the 15 minutes of having my eyes closed and breathing quietly can do wonders. I never ACTUALLY fall asleep.

Except for maybe a little today.

I laid down at 3:03 pm, planning on getting up at 3:18 pm.

All of a sudden it’s like a second has gone by and I hear “Librarian? Are you alright?”

Luckily it was only 3:20 pm and one the other library folk had come to ask me a question. I think I played it off totally cool. No! I wasn’t sleeping under here! I was…uh….looking for a pen I dropped. With my head on a pillow. And my eyes closed.

Remind me to shave two minutes off of my next 15 minute break.


2 thoughts on “This is What I’ve Become

  1. Haha. I did that last week, only I was out for longer than 18 minutes! I was sitting on my office floor in the dark listening to an audiobook and leaning back against my desk on my lunch hour. The next thing I knew, it was 1:30. Thankfully, my door was closed and my lights were out so no one came in!

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