No Results Today, Folks

Before I dive in, I want to plug a new blog in our circle. Make sure you check out In Jenny’s Words and show her some love!

I did the test. It was gross. I went with fruit punch flavor which I am told NOW is the worst. Oh well.

Anyway. He drew my blood. I didn’t actually have an U/S today which is the FIRST TIME I’ve been in my OB’s office without one. It was weird and disappointing. He always does one. And I think I’ll have one next time because it’ll be my first appointment of the third tri, and the day before my birthday-CRAZY that I’m just a few weeks away from the third tri. I hit 23 weeks on the nose today.

He did listen to her heartbeat and said it was perfect. I also asked him point blank about my weight gain. He said it and my blood pressure look just fine. He understood my concerns and said that he feels the same way in the winter-heavy and bloated, and he’s NOT pregnant. He is SUCH a sweet doctor. I’m so glad I chose him. Anyway, he said If I can manage slightly less than a pound a week for the rest of the pregnancy I’ll be right on track. A few pounds more or less would be okay too, but he said he was happy with how I was managing. It made me feel much, much better. It also vindicated to me that those stupid BMI calculators just suck. DON’T use them. They just make you feel bad about yourself.

But anyway, they did my blood draw and said under normal circumstances I would probably hear tomorrow, but we’re getting MORE snow tomorrow, and being in the south we just shut down with that, so it could be Thursday. That’s fine really. I’m fine. I either passed or I didn’t. I was feeling a MAJOR sugar crash by the end of the one hour wait-anyone else have that? I hadn’t eaten since about 8:45 am and the blood draw was at 2:25 pm. Afterwards I had the super healthy snack of french fries, unsweet tea, and FROZEN CUSTARD. I felt better after that.

My doc also gave me the preregistration paperwork for the hospital. I asked him if I really needed to do a childbirth class or if I could just trust him? I believe my exact words were “My expectations for this birth are to have as many drugs as you can give me and to go home with the baby that’s in my belly-I don’t really care how you make that happen.” He and the nurse thought that was hilarious, but he said he appreciated my trust in him and he didn’t feel like a class was necessary. He said that he felt confident he could get me through the birth-it’s kind of his job.

I don’t have anything against classes or birth plans. They’re just not for me. And my husband is a full time military man and a full time student. He’s not home at night ever right now. So I would have to go by myself or find someone else to go. It’s just not ideal. But I am going to get preregistered and we’re looking into a good pediatrician in our area. My OB didn’t have a ton of recommendations for our area of the metro since he’s in a different area, but he did mention one clinic that we’re looking at. If I could get Cooper from Private Practice to be our pediatrician that would make me very happy. Damn it that he’s a fictional character.

In other news, my wedding ring was feeling tight the other night. I had read that once it starts to feel tight you should just go ahead and take it off before it has to be cut off, so I did. And it made me so. sad. I’ve replaced it with another ring I have that’s quite lovely. I’ve never worn it because I bought it at an antique store and it was a size too big when I got it, and I just never took the time to get it sized. Blessing in disguise now. It’s beautiful. It’s sort of deco and has diamonds on it, and I do love it. I wouldn’t have bought it if I didn’t, but it’s not my wedding ring. I love my wedding ring. It took me forever to find. It’s a filigree ring with diamonds and flowers on it. It’s very special. I’ll be happy to get back into it.

I think that’s all I’ve got. I’ve had four snow days in two weeks and enjoyed lots of kitten snuggles, but I am feeling a little stir crazy. I’m a killjoy, but I’d be happy if the stuff tomorrow missed us.

Happy Tuesday, Friends.


15 thoughts on “No Results Today, Folks

  1. I’m pretty sure I’m the only person on the planet that thought the test drink was good. I was like, “Mmmmm sugar, come to mama!” I had the orange flavor, though, so maybe that makes a difference! Anyway, I hope you passed!

  2. Yeah, F the weight recommendations! My midwives have consistently told me I’m doing well – excellent even – and the calculators would have me believe otherwise.
    Are you planning on breastfeeding? If so, take a class. It was SO INFORMATIVE! I really appreciated the info and feel so much more prepared!

      • A lot of people don’t know that the health department has a lactation consultant on staff and you can make an appointment to see her for free. I had to meet with her when we applied for WIC and she was very sweet and helpful–even after I had been breastfeeding for 6 weeks. So that’s an option. You are paying her salary with your tax dollars so you might as well take advantage of it.

  3. I personally found the birthing class I took to be pretty useless. But the “care of your newborn” class was more or less worth the time. I did learn some stuff there. And, on the same topic, I highly recommend the book “Heading Home with your Newborn: From birth to reality.” Can’t remember the author but you will be able to find it if you search on the title. An absolutely priceless book those first few weeks! Love it.

  4. First, love the private practice reference. How I miss cooper and violet….
    I did birthing classes with k because I’m a rule follower and my ob said to take the classes. So I did. And they were not helpful. I never planned on a natural childbirth… So when my water broke (which the classes told me only happened in the movies and that the doctor would most likely have to break it for me) I went in to the hospital and got the drugs. I really didn’t use much of what was taught… So skipping them seems like a good idea to me:)

    • My mom was so shocked I didn’t want to take them. I’m just not that….I don’t know. Involved? That seems like the wrong word. Obviously I’m involved-I’m in love with our baby. I guess I’m just not that stressed about the labor. I fully believe that making a birth plan just dooms you to NOT getting to have your plan come true. So I’m not making one. Putting all the faith in my doctor which some people really shake their heads at, but if I can’t trust him then he shouldn’t be who I’ve chosen to bring my baby girl into the world.

  5. I did all three flavors for the glucose tests and rank as follows in order of preference: 1) orange 2) lemon lime 3) fruit punch. Fruit punch was way too sweet and made me nauseous.

    Your BMI comment made me laugh out loud at 3am. It really does make one feel crappy!

    Stupid winter anyways. We’re due to get 4-7 inches of snow here in Iowa today and maybe one day above freezing in the 10 day forecast. March begins on Sunday. Doesn’t mother nature realize this???

  6. I didn’t sign up for birth classes but my OB said it was no big deal, and he and the nurses would tell me what to do when the time came. Good enough for me – that’s what I’m paying him the big bucks for! I had the orange stuff for both the 1 hr and 3 hr (failed the 1 hr). It wasn’t too bad, it just tasted like flat orange pop.

  7. We didn’t do birth classes and I had a natural homebirth. I’m an obsessive researcher so I read a ton of birth stories, natural birth blogs, and multiple books. And I marked places in the books for hubby to read. I honestly don’t think not having the classes took away from the experience at all. I think the most important thing is having someone you trust there–my midwife is so good at what she does (she should be after 30 years) and I just trusted her through the birth. It sounds like you have that going for you with your ob so you should be set 🙂 I do recommend reading birth stories–when I was in labor I kept thinking “oh, this is what they were talking about” and it was comforting being familiar with what was happening even though I had never been through it before. Obviously, I read natural birth stories, but there are plenty of medicated stories out there you can find. Beauty of the Internet. Just stay away from the horror stories and only read the happy ones 🙂

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