Teeth and Stuff

I feel….better? Today? Maybe? I definitely feel more rested, so that’s a good start. I was so happy to see Chief at the end of my very long day yesterday. I was playing music while cooking bacon (breakfast for dinner-don’t judge) and he walked in right in the middle of this song:

Which is one of the sweetest love songs ever. So, that song, plus my husband and some bacon can do wonders for a girl.

I have family dinner tonight for my cousin’s birthday. I’m sort of dreading it, but all I can do is my best, right? Just get it over with. K has been real dramatic on facebook about having a three day migraine (which, ironically, migraines are what she stopped taking birth control for and are allegedly the reason she got her tubes tied, yet she uses them whenever she doesn’t want to do a thing) so it’s possible she’s trying to back out of going. Part of me WANTS her to go because otherwise it’s just looks like her being the victim and me being the victimizer, no matter how untrue that is. Everyone in my family would see around that, except my parents of course.

Thanks to everyone who has commented and supported me and reminded me that I’m not the pregnancy monster my sister wants to make me out to be. This situation is far from over I know. My feelings about it aren’t just all better, but I’m trying to move on the best I can. There’s only so much wallowing that is okay with me. I also don’t want my blog to turn into all Doom and Gloom. I’m sure I’ll have thoughts and feelings after tonight, but for now let’s move on.

Here’s what doesn’t feel great today-it’s my stupid tooth. You know, the one with the crown? Crownmageddon? It just started hurting some in the last few days.

I was supposed to have x-rays and a cleaning a few weeks ago, but it got cancelled due to winter weather. We have more moving into our state tomorrow night, but I was able to get a 4:00 appointment for a cleaning and to get this crown looked at. It’s good timing for the cleaning too, because my gums, particularly the ones in the front, have also started bleeding when I floss just in the last few days. I know that could be a pregnancy thing, but I still want to get it looked at.

My big fear is that he’s going to say I need a root canal after all. I’m hoping the bite just needs an adjustment. But it’s not boding well that the pain didn’t start until two months after the permanent was put in. It really only hurts when I chew on something crunchy. Soft food is fine. I’m not having any more temperature sensitivity than normal (my teeth have ALWAYS been cold sensitive). I’ve just heard too many horror stories about people needing RC’s after crowns. I also don’t want to deal with the expense of that. I just finished paying off the dang crown.

Stupid teeth. I wish we didn’t need them so much.


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