A Pleasant Evening

So she didn’t show. And she didn’t text anyone to let them know she wouldn’t be showing until 10 minutes after we were supposed to be there. Her “migraine” persisted apparently.

Although, for someone with a migraine, she sure was on facebook posting a lot of random crap.

I’ve had one migraine in my life-I don’t care to repeat the experience. It was sheer misery. And all I know is that when I had mine you couldn’t have paid me to put anything with a light in front of my face. No light, no sound, nothing. There’s no way I’d be on my phone all day long. Nope.

But whatever. It was nice not to have her there. When my mom was out of the room my cousin told me how sorry she was about what happened Sunday night and how it was better to her that K wasn’t coming.

And it was so pleasant. Really. We had such a nice time together as a family. There was no tension, no one person seeking all the attention, no one trying to out do anyone else. We ended up all staying really late and finally Chief and I had to go because it was 8:30 and we live a good little bit away. We didn’t make it home until 9:00 and Chief had homework. I’d been wound up so tight about the evening that it was nice to just unwind for a bit. Plus, there was cake!

And my Aunt bought this crazy candle thing that I swear to you had like a flame thrower on it. At first it’s all folded up, and then you light it and it snaps out crazy fast and has a giant torch like flame that shoots out of the top. Then it starts spinning and singing “Happy Birthday.” It scared the crap out of us all but it was really funny. I wish we’d gotten it on tape. Allegedly she bought a bunch of them, so I’ll probably have one at my birthday too.

We’re supposed to get MORE winter weather today (seriously, this is the south. And it’s March. Ridiculous.) that will probably shut everything down for tomorrow. I’m off tomorrow anyway because I have to work Saturday, but I do have a dentist appointment this afternoon that I already had to reschedule because of weather once, so I really just want to get it over with. I have dental phobias. It’s hard enough for me to anticipate an appointment without having to do it TWICE.

And now I want more cake.


5 thoughts on “A Pleasant Evening

  1. I’m glad things went well and you were all able to have a nice time. 🙂 I hope you’re able to get the dental visit over with. I have to keep telling myself that the weather *is* going to get nicer . . .

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