My blog has been so “my family is the WORST” lately or “let’s talk about my odd pregnancy skin ailments” that I thought I would switch things up.

Let’s talk about poop.

Except not really, because gross.

But the fact of the matter is that babies poop. From what I hear, more than I could ever imagine. This is currently giving me night terrors.

But the thing that scares me the most is not having the money or means to support this tiny poop filled child I’m currently gestating. So I have begun a diaper stockpile. And it is SERIOUS.

Like….I have a lot of diapers. And still not nearly as many as I will actually need. We’re currently building the stockpile with the first year in mind. I read a couple of articles about stockpiling and went with the numbers from one author who also had a daughter. We’ve been trying to buy small packages of various brands and varieties for a couple of reasons:

1. If we hate that brand we can work through it quickly and not be stuck with it.

2. If she suddenly outgrows a size we won’t have to waste a whole case of diapers.

I’ve also read that Walmart will exchange diapers with or without a receipt, as long as it’s a brand they carry, so we’re sticking with the major brands. This means that if we way over purchase on size ones we can exchange unopened packages for size twos. Huggies and Pampers mostly are what I’ve been getting, although i did buy one pack of Luvs the other day because I had a coupon. I have heard mixed reviews about Luvs, so we’ll see.

That’s the other linchpin that’s holding this whole thing together-coupons. There’s no point in doing this without using coupons. I’m trying to not pay more than $0.15 a diaper, although I have gone over that in the interest of being prepared by the time she gets here. Sometimes the coupons just aren’t what you want them to be and you have to suck it up. But buying at the commissary as much as we can so we don’t have to pay tax has been a big help too.

The other day I did break my small packages rule because target was having a sale where if you buy two cases of diapers you get a case of wipes free. Score. That totally happened.

I’ve been keeping notes on my phone of how many we have vs. how many we hope to have by the time she arrives. Here’s what I’ve got:

Newborn: 32/216

Size 1: 123/160

Size 2: 224/640

Size 3: 175/684

That’s a total of 554/1700. Just for the first year. See why I wanted to get started? And again, these are all just estimates based on research. Charlie could be completely different and have us running to the store constantly to exchange, but I kind of look at is as a special diapers savings account that is taking over my entire hall closet. I’ve been hesitant to buy many newborn sizes for two reasons: 1) I’ve heard that lots of babies outgrow them quickly and 2) I feel like if I get any diapers as gifts that’s the size that people will give me. In fact, the ones I have already were a gift. And allegedly the hospital might give us some too.

My newest strategy is to get as many things as I can at Walgreens right now so that I build up my balance reward points. I’m well on my way to a $10.00 off transaction. Yesterday we got an EXTRA 5,000 points just for having a $30.00 transaction (of floss, toothpaste, a new toothbrush, and then easter candy-don’t judge). I can get a lot of diapers at the $0.15 rate if I get to subtract $10.00 from the total. AND use coupons. Basically, I’ve gone diaper insane. I’m like one of those extreme couponer ladies. I like to occasionally open the door to the hall closet and admire my stash. I hate it when Chief gets the sizes out of order when he’s trying to add in. It makes me cranky and I have to fix it.

Only three and a half months to go until D-Day. I shall be prepared for the poop. Anyone else stockpiling?


37 thoughts on “Diapers

  1. Tee, hee, this is so funny! I would have never thought to stockpile diapers, but it’s a great idea for the sake of spreading out the costs. Why didn’t I think of that?

    Ok, now a couple caveats, which I’m sure you are already prepared for. It seems you have a plan for size exchanges, but be prepared to do this. From my first daughter to my second (4 months old today!), there has already been a totally different pattern for outgrowing diapers. What worked for #1 (almost no newborn size, lots and lots of size 1) is already proving wrong for baby #2. (quite a few newborn size, far fewer size 1, lots more size 2). Daughter #1 was in size 4s forever, though. It just all depends on the growth patterns and that can vary so much.

    I personally hate Huggies. They didn’t fit either of my girls worth a darn. We like both pampers and luvs, but luvs are always less expensive unless you have a coupon, so we tend to go with those.

    Also, with baby #2 we learned that you don’t really need to change a wet diaper until/unless it’s saturated or dirty, of course. But if it’s just somewhat wet, it can wait. Or if she has diaper rash, then she should be changed more frequently, but otherwise you can let them go a while in “wet” disposable diapers because they wick away the moisture so well. This is especially true for overnight feedings. Wish we had realized that with #1.

    Just a few unsolicited thoughts to share with you! Happy diaper shopping! (I have opinions about wipes, too, if you ever want to post about that!) LOL

    • Tell me ALL the things about wipes. So far we have a three packages, one of huggies and two of pampers-fairly big packs too but I don’t have exact counts.

      Yeah, I mean, I know there’s no way she’s going to meld into this tally perfectly, so it’s not like we’ll never have to go to the store and do some exchanges (I wouldn’t have bought into the idea if not for that-what a waste of money otherwise!), but it’ll be nice to just run to the closet and look at my little “diaper store” and grab what I need!

      • After reading through the other great comments here, I think our Walmart also has limits on how much you can return without a receipt each year, but it’s far more generous than Target.

        Anyway, WIPES. So, in my research, when you do the math almost all brands of wipes come out to a per wipe cost of 2-3 cents per wipe. My first born we used exclusively Huggies natural care. I do not know why. I have since decided I’m not a huge fan of Huggies wipes. They constantly get stuck to each other, making them difficult to pull out of the container or package. I have found this to be important. You need to be able to pull out one wipe at a time easily with one hand, without them getting stuck or tearing. One hand is key. You will be holding the ankles of a messy, squirmy baby with the other hand, trying not to get the mess on everything around them as you reach for wipes. When they get stuck or tear in that situation, it is not a pretty sight. So then I tried Pampers. I like them better. But actually, my new favorites are Target brand sensitive wipes. When we started using those, the diaper rash improved tremendously. They pull out easily, are gentle but sturdy enough to get the job done. I will still be a sucker for coupons for Pampers wipes but I think I’ve landed on Target as my brand of choice. I use my Target card to get 5% off and free shipping, delivered right to my door.

        But the point here is to see what works for you and experiment a little.

        One more thing about diapers. I need to try Target brand diapers. Several people said they were good. With my first daughter, we tried the generic diapers from Walmart once. I DO NOT recommend these. They are like cardboard. So rough. I felt awful even putting them on her little bottom. That turned me off to generic diapers altogether, but I may give the Target ones a go because I don’t think I gave them a fair chance.

  2. I am also stock-piling diapers through CVS by using coupons and buying when Extra Care rewards are good. If you’re interested in the process and have a CVS in your area you can check it out here: http://www.ehow.com/how_2246015_money-baby-free-diapers-cvs.html. With the right coupons and rewards I’m getting a 32 or 35 pack of diapers (depending on the brand) for around $3/pack.

    My best friend who has an 8 month old said I would need somewhere around 400 size 1 diapers, so that’s the size I’ve got the most of right now. I’m also buying Pampers and Huggies, depending on the coupons I have at the time. And won’t open any of them until I need them in case I need to return any. I think it’s great you are planning ahead and saving $ in the process 🙂

    • I wish we had a CVS! I’m all about racking up points! I also hear that if you have a K-mart they’re pretty great about doing exchanges but that Target will only let you do a couple a year without a receipt and they take your ID, so that’s something to keep in mind.

      • I’ve heard that some Wal-Mart’s do as well, but even if they do I figure that gives Chief and I both two shots, so that’s four, and I’ll only exchange when she outgrows a size, so we shouldn’t need to do it that much in the first year. We’ll see. Worst thing that can happen is that I donate some extra diapers I couldn’t exchange and help someone out.

  3. I was braced to do the same exact thing with the diaper stockpile, but then we decided to cloth diaper. Well really, my wife decided to cloth diaper because everyone in her family was cloth diapered, so I’m kind of just going with the flow.

    • I REALLY wish I had it in me to do cloth diapering, because it’s so much better and cheaper for the environment. But despite having seven (SEVEN) living, breathing, eating, and pooping animals living in my house, I just can’t deal with the poop.

  4. Also, you can sometimes have a non-pooper baby– my first was like this. She wouldn’t poop for DAYS! It’s OK, some of them don’t as little babies (NB this pattern is not healthy in an older baby) because apparently some just digest ALL the milk (she was EBF). My second was the opposite, she pooped all the time, also EBF. For your sake let’s hope you get a non-pooper!

  5. First, don’t have terrors about the poop. Yes, there is a lot of it, but as long as you are breastfeeding, it really doesn’t smell which, let’s face it, is the worst part of poop.
    We actually are cloth diapering which is super cheap because we got at least half of our diapers as gifts at our showers. I love it because Bruce has had some seriously huge poops but we haven’t had a blowout yet. Just something to consider, although you are already well on your way with your stockpile.
    Also, I’ve heard that the target brand of disposables are really good. But it really just depends on your baby’s shape.

    • Do you guys use a diaper service? If we had one I would strongly consider cloth diapering. Using a service you really don’t save money, but it’s so much better for the environment to cloth diaper and I do really care about that stuff. I just can’t care about it enough to handle all the poop myself.

      • No, but it’s really not that much work, just a load of laundry every day. And a lot of people don’t wash every day. At this point poop is kind of a non-issue because breastfed pop is water soluble so we don’t have to rinse it or anything, just throw them in the wash–poop and all.

  6. Great idea!!! I am banking on the exchange if necessary thing also. If you can – have a diaper party! My hubs and I love a good party so he threw himself a diaper & beer pong party! To enter the tournament you had to being diapers! I had about 30 drunk men in my house that night – but they all brought diapers!! And were much more generous then I thought they would be (for men).

    I have also heard great things about target brand diapers!

    And – I am trying cloth too!

  7. We cloth diapered for sox months before 1) the power went out for a week, so no laundry, 2) we went on two week-long vacations in three weeks. After that I just couldnt get back on board, and I was seduced by the ease of disposables.

    I’ve been a Huggies Pure and Natural fan since day one, and those are the only wipes we use (Gus has incredibly sensitive skin, and he’s never had an issue with them). The Huggies P&N diapers also had an elastic band sort of across the back that did wonders containing blowouts. I also LOVE the Target brand diapers and will stock up when they’re on sale. I’ve been told that certain brands seem to work better for girls or boys, so who know.

    My only other tip, is not to go crazy with the newborn sized diapers — once her umbilical stump is gone, she’ll probably be OK to move up to size ones (its almost always safe to size up, but not size down!)

    • Yeah-I’m not buying anymore newborns. I didn’t buy the ones I have-my mom did! l read that size ones work fine for NBs even if they still have the cord because you can fold the top down or something. Thanks for the tip! I’ve heard some good things about the target brand, so I may grab a few packs of those!

      • Also forgot to mention, I also tried a case of Honest Co. diapers (the patterns are sooo cute!) but they’re too expensive in my opinion. Every so often Costco has them, so I’ll get some then. Its easier once they’re bigger since they stay in sizes a little longer.

  8. OMG I love this! No joke, I just started researching cloth vs disposable and “green” disposables so I can start stockpiling in a couple of months! Thanks for this post!

  9. We are cloth diapering unless we’ll be out of the house for awhile. They do sell biodegradable liners that you can put into the cloth diaper so you literally grab the clean part of the liner and flush it down the toilet. It keeps the diaper cleaner and dissolves in the sewer.

  10. I was going to suggest what one of the other posters did – check out the generic diapers at Target, etc. Obviously we’re not in the same boat (errr, country) but we use only generics over here and I far prefer them over the brands. When we travel back to the states we always use the generics too – either Target or the local grocery chain’s. And both my kids were actually up into size 2s pretty quickly despite not being huge kids (Sofia was 6#6oz at birth and Andy was 7€4oz)…

    Also, as someone else pointed out, some babies just aren’t poopers. Particularly if breastfed. Sofia was that way. I remember taking her into the doc when she hadn’t gone in like a week and he told me that in breastfed newborns it’s just as normal to poop 8 times a day (O_O) as it is to not poop in 8 days. So hopefully Charlie is the latter!!

  11. We did a diaper raffle at the shower. For every pack of diapers, they got a ticket. The prizes were little silly stuff, but omg the diapers! We didn’t even have room for them in the closet. I have not purchased 1 pack myself and have a massive collection in all sizes. Highly recommend it if you haven’t had your shower yet.

  12. Love it and yes….I haven’t seen many babies stay in size newborn for long at all. In fact…most that I’ve cared for don’t even stay in size 1 more than 2-3 months. 4 months at most. 3 out of the 4 kids I have now have been in size 4 for almost a year now probably. I’ll keep my poop horror stories to myself though. 😉

    • Like I said-it’s ALL about the coupon baby. I don’t buy if I don’t have a coupon unless they just happen to be on a really good sale. Sometimes our commissary will do what they call a case lot sale. Stuff gets cheap, REAL fast. We’ve always used it to stock up on stuff like laundry detergent and cat litter, but at the next one I’ll be grabbing some diapers too!

  13. This is a great idea. We also started doing this when I was pregnant with our twins. We have always been able to return diapers if we needed to (WalMart/Target – even grocery stores) and it was a big help not to run out at a bad time. Even though they have special twin programs I signed up for – I would like different diaper companies, or write them emails to see what coupons/samples they’ll send you! Also – be besties with your nurses in the hospital. Every time they entered our room, they brought bags of diapers. We went home with plenty of newborn size!

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