Diapers, Part 2

Y’all, my last post got some fascinating responses!

So now I want to do a thing where we vote on diapers. If you use diapers in any capacity (parent, babysitter, hospital OB nurse, etc.) Please vote on your favorite brand in my poll! I’m interested to see what the results are!


11 thoughts on “Diapers, Part 2

  1. My other vote was for Honest Company. They’re biodegradable and the patterns are ridiculously cute! I got the monthly diaper subscription with my daughter. It was a little pricier than some of the other brands, but I felt it was worth it for the earth-friendly factor (and delivered to your door, whoop-whoop). You can also buy them at Target and not commit to the subscription. Of the ones you mentioned by name above, I liked Pampers the best.

  2. Random side note – I have some NB and Size 1 random diapers left I wont be using and would be happy to send them to you. There aren’t many, but it would give you the opportunity to try a couple brands before buying them. For NB I have 2 of the dollar general brand, 4 luvs and for Size 1 I have 21 Huggies. Huggies didn’t fit Mackenzie well as she’s really small in the butt so they leaked for us but I know others that loved them. We used quite a few NB Huggies with no issues but definitely not a fan of Size 1’s. I’ve been going back and forth between Target, Kirkland (Costco Brand) and Pampers. I’ve been happy with all three but fit wise I like the Pampers the best.

  3. We use mostly up&up but im not opposed to a good sale. I will say we like huggies newborns the most because they actually have an umbilical cord deep cut out. All the other brands said they did, but i didn’t think any of them really did except for the huggies.

    • Online Target is running a sale on diaper packs right now-don’t know if they’re doing it in store. Anyway, it says if you buy two giant packs you get a $10.00 gift card. I might go by tomorrow night and see if they’re running it in store and grab some up and up’s for my stockpile!

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