So. Many. Things.

I have lots of things to talk about today and most of them are in no way connected. I’m going to separate them by numbers:

1. Diapers. If you’ve checked the poll recently, you have seen that Pampers have won by a good majority. I was surprised by how many people did like the “off brands.” It encouraged me enough to buy two cases of Up and Up at Target this weekend. If you bought two you got a $10.00 Target Gift Card. Being a Target Connoisseur, I was all over this deal. And I got 320 size 3 diapers out of the deal. I’m rocking my stockpile. Thanks to everyone who gave feedback. Diapers are such a huge part of the first few years of a baby’s life.

2. TWO of my blog friends have been exceptionally kind and generous. One is sending me some diapers and one sent me a digital gift card to buy diapers with. I mean, seriously? How are you guys even real? It’s all just too nice and generous, and as I’ve said to a few folks over the last few weeks, it’s pretty amazing to me that there are some real sisters out there when I’m struggling so much with the one that I’m biologically related to.

3. Last night I had a dream that John McCain had planned an attack on the royal family that involved wrecking his speed boat into theirs. Kate, Will, and Harry left the queen to fend for herself, so I had to save her with the help of my good friend, Tecumseh, in our motorized boat made out of a giant log. Afterwards I went into hiding in Italy with a friend of mine, but John McCain found us and we had to flee. He was really mad I thwarted his plan. So….pregnancy dreams are setting in maybe?

4. Chief and my step-dad got a lot of stuff done in the nursery this weekend. The subfloor needed to be replaced and we had to build closet headers (the closet doors in our house are bifold louvered and go floor to ceiling. You can’t buy doors that tall anymore, and the louvered ones were ugly and hard to clean-so Chief has to build headers for every room so we can have normal closet doors). So NOW the room is totally ready for the easy stuff-paint and flooring. We can do that kind of stuff in our sleep. I can’t do the painting obviously, but I told Chief that if he moves fast enough I should be able to help with flooring as long as it’s in the next few weeks. I don’t think I’ll be too big yet, and I like flooring. Then it’ll just be trim, new light fixture, new plugs and switches, installing the new closet doors (already purchased) and, you know, filling the room.

5. Speaking of filling the room, we ordered nursery furniture today. Babies R’ Us had it on 15% off and our furniture is a little on the…err…expensive side. I searched high and low for an off white or “french white” look, if you will, and apparently you just pay more for that color. I CAN’T HELP IT I DON’T LIKE REGULAR WHITE OKAY? We chose the Sorelle collection from Babies R’ Us and ordered the crib, night stand, and double dresser. My dad paid for the crib and night stand and we paid for the dresser. It was sort of an ordeal, because the crib wasn’t available for in store pick up, so my dad ended up paying for a high shipping price. I tried to haggle with Babies R’ Us on it but they said there wasn’t anything they could do, so bummer there. But my dad doesn’t care. It did put me in the awkward position of asking my dad if he still wanted to help pay for her furniture. He had mentioned it off hand at Christmas and then never again, but I figured if he really planned on it then he’d appreciate the 15% off. And he did. He was excited to do it.

6. The other night I had a dream that my sister found my blog. I woke up in a full scale panic.

7. I went to the consignment sale on Saturday with dad’s girlfriend, B, and we had a nice time. It didn’t take long, they weren’t busy, and it left plenty of time to do other things. I completely cleaned and reorganized our kitchen on Saturday. After emptying our pantry I had an entire force flex bag full of expired food. I feel awful about this-so wasteful. I’ve pledged to do better. I also put together a box of donation things. You know, you don’t realize you have five garlic presses until you clean out your drawers and stuff. So now my kitchen is spotless, but my back really told me about it afterwards. I also had some cramping that night so I knew that I really overdid it. I had such a good time though. I played my music really loud and sort of danced around. The sunlight is doing wonders for my mood.

8. Friday I finally had a long talk with my mom about my sister and where I stand on seeing her right now. She started out belligerent, but I really stood my ground and was very frank about the physical and emotional effects that even seeing K has on me. At one point my mom said, “I understand. I have had people in my life effect me that way as well.” I think we’ve had a turning point. Either that or she’s appeasing me because I’m pregnant. She also really turned her attitude around when I told her I had talked to dad about the whole situation. I think she didn’t want to seem less understanding than him. Whatever. She said that we wouldn’t push the issue for now and just try to let things go for a while. I also told her that it’s not like Chief and I aren’t really busy right now. A few less dinner obligations could really help us out. My birthday is the end of this month, and that might be a good time to see K for the first time. She’ll have to be on her best behavior. Or she’ll cop out of it like she did with my cousin. Either way will work for me.

I’m pretty sure I had another few things, but it’s taken me so long to write this (my entire lunch and then some) that my mind is a little boggled. I hope everyone has been doing wonderfully over the last few days. Things are really looking up for me right now and I hope they’re doing the same for you.


10 thoughts on “So. Many. Things.

  1. I’m so glad you got to talk to your mom and that she’s chilling out a bit. I’ve been having crazy pregnancy dreams, too. The other day, my mother disowned me because I got into a better school (????) than the one she wanted me to go to. Where do these things come from??? I find that most of my dreams result in me waking up in a total panic. Congrats on the baby furniture! My MIL is chomping at the bit to help us buy baby furniture, but there’s that little issue of NO ROOM FOR THE BABY and she can’t quite wrap her head around it!

    • We are fortunate that we have room, although room to store it until it’s ready to be put together is a bit of an issue right now. THe house is in a state of flux with the nursery construction. It is nice that your MIL wants to help though!

  2. 1 and 2: This community really is wonderful. I’m glad that you got a great deal to help you build your stock pile. Have you signed up for all the freebies from pampers and huggies? One of the two of them has a rewards program that you enter the code inside the box and earn points to redeem for prizes. Also, check out this site for coupons:

    5. Thanks for the tip about babies r us. I might look into the chair that I want.

    7. Its really easy to over do it and not realize it until later. I’m glad you had the energy to tackle so many projects though!

    • Our community is the bomb dot com, to use a VERY old and uncool turn of phrase.

      I hadn’t looked into those promotional things-thanks for the tip!

      Since we saved so much I was tempted to go ahead and buy the hutch that goes with the dresser, but I refrained. Still want to make sure we’ll have enough for the stuff we actually need as opposed to just want. And yes, way easy to overdo it. My body was definitely saying “Hey lady-you’re 26 weeks pregnant. How about you cool your jets for a minute?” It was just so nice to have a pretty day and some free time to get stuff done!

  3. Your dreams really crack me up. I’ve been having some crazy ones myself, but none about John McCain or the Queen. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad you were able to order the furniture you wanted and that you were able to have a talk with your mom about your sister. Did you get anything at the sale?

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