So, like I mentioned last week, I ordered our baby furniture from Babies R’ Us.

I’m really, really starting to regret that decision.

First, we were told we would have to pay the $100 in shipping JUST for the crib, because it couldn’t be shipped to one of our local stores. So it would have to be shipped to our house. And AT THE TIME, I was told I would be given a day of when it would be delivered, because someone would need to be home to accept the freight delivery. Okay. Inconvenient in that next week is spring break and everyone and their momma at my work has taken off, but I talked to the Captain and we felt like we could make it work.

So i get an email two days ago saying that it has shipped and that it will arrive 7-14 days from ship date. Then when I go to their website it says it will arrive on or before 3/26/15*

Except there was no asterisk down at the bottom explaining what that meant. Curse words.

So I chatted with them online today and she at first said that once it ships I’ll get a tracking number. Okay, well it’s shipped, and I have no tracking number. Then she says, oh, well maybe you should just have your neighbors watch out for it.

So many things wrong with this:

1. I only have one neighbor I SORT of know, and he is old and frail. The others are all pretty new (rent house on one side, new owners on the other side) and they all work, so no one is home.


I said basically as much, without the capital letters (although I felt them, in my heart). Then she said “One moment please!”

Apparently, THERE IS a tracking number. Wonder of wonders! And the tracking number says….


Here’s the incredibly frustrating thing about this: I could have not come to work until 1:00 today. Chief could have taken the afternoon shift of waiting. He normally gets off work at 2:30 pm, but he could have swung it to take off earlier. IF SOMEONE HAD TOLD US THE STUPID THING WOULD ARRIVE IN TWO DAYS-NOT 7-14 AS PROMISED.

So I call Fedex and use my nice voice, because it’s not their fault that Babies R’ Us is completely incompetent. The lady was super nice. She said there was no way to pinpoint when the item would arrive, and that it would be at the driver’s discretion about whether or not to leave it-did I mention it’s raining today? I asked what would happen if he didn’t. She said it would be taken to a sort facility nearby and we could pick it up, but they won’t be open tomorrow, so really we’d need to pick it up today.

Again, INCONVENIENT, but acceptable. Not Fedex’s fault at all.

Although a Fedex driver did almost run me off the road today. I’m trying not to hold that against them.

So as it stands, I’m sitting here crossing my fingers the delivery doesn’t happen until Chief is off work for the day. Otherwise it’s basically his problem to deal with, because I don’t get off work until 6:00 tonight. He’s aware of all this and not nearly as fussed about it as I am. But seriously, Babies R’ Us is on my list.

UPDATE: The fucking crib is sitting on my front porch. Chief is going to hurry home and get it inside. Luckily we live super close to the airbase and luckily it’s almost his lunch break anyway. But I won’t feel good until I know the crib is inside the house and that the box isn’t wet/banged up/mauled by wolverines.


13 thoughts on “A Tiny Rant-UPDATED

  1. Grr that’s really annoying!! It wasn’t a crib but a delivery company left me a parcel while I was away for 2 days last week… Under a plant in the middle of my garden in the rain!!! Err, thanks?! It was in full view of the street for 2 days never mind soggy and muddy! I hope the wolverines haven’t eaten your crib x

  2. OMG!!! I would be so pissed. That’s ridiculous they couldn’t ship it to a store local to you to pick up. Honestly, I’d call back and complain about the crappy service and see if they’ll give you some kind of credit or something. Not their smartest move…

  3. I HATE babies R Us online!!! HATE HATE HATE THEM!!! Bright side? the folks int he store are usually SUPER understanding and more than willing to accommodate the online branches complete and utter incompetency! (at least here!)

    • I have to go there tomorrow to pick up the dresser, and I WILL be speaking to someone in customer service in person about this. Hopefully I don’t get the same run around that I’ve gotten all day today.

      • Ughhh, I hate to break it to you- but theres probably nothing the store can do (my store couldnt) except get you your crib in person. Apparently their online segment and their in store segment are ridiculously independent of each other. Like they don’t even operate on the same systems. I ran into the same thing when dealing with my BRU online crib debacle. Their online people just suck so hard!!! Even the manager I spoke to on the phone was absolutely useless, and about 100x more rude than he needed to be. They literally can do nothing about it, cant tell you when where or if it will show up, and even though they will tell you they can- they CANNOT cancel it! I’m so so sorry you are having to deal with their idiocy too- I was so hoping yours would go way smoother than mine did!!!

      • See I would have LOVED to just get the stupid thing in person, but they told me that wasn’t possible, that it couldn’t be sent to my store. I guess I should have checked with the store in person on that, but HEAVEN FORBID I BELIEVE THEM ABOUT SOMETHING. I will never make that mistake again.

      • they said the SAME thing about my crib! And lo and behold, there it was as I was walking out the door. lol I seriously, SERIOUSLY dont understand how they can be so clueless about their own business.

        (yes I do. I’m 90% sure that their entire online support system is based overseas in India so the give a damn factor is very, very low)

      • Yeah, I didn’t want to mention it because it SOUNDS racist, but the guy I talked to on the phone had a really heavy accent and I couldn’t understand him very well. I feel like he was doing the best he could, but he just didn’t KNOW anything.

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