Another Update FULL of curse words

I called them.

The guy really had no idea what he was talking about it seemed.

First he said that he could see my estimated delivery date was 3/25/15. Then he said 3/26/15. Then he said anywhere between 4/9/15 to 4/30/15 because oh wait, it hasn’t shipped yet.


Then I sort of got mad. I just said told them that this was ridiculous and unacceptable. I had to pay $100 for this stupid crib to be shipped and now they couldn’t even tell me WHEN to take time off for (which will cost another $100 in PTO, BTW). He said he was opening a case with the home office for me and I should hear from someone in “three to five business days.”

Well if you’re doing the fucking math here, you’ll see that 3-5 business days is REALLY too slow considering that the thing MIGHT be delivered next Wednesday or Thursday. I’m sorry, I can’t just take off two days of work on the off chance you guys MIGHT deliver something to my house. I really need SOME sort of schedule.

So after he opened a case for me I asked him what I should do if the freight company tries to deliver it before the stupid home office could get back to me on this problem. He said they would try to deliver it twice, so I guess at the very least if I miss the first delivery I can take some last minute time off and catch the second one, but goddamnit this really, really pisses me off. He also said that after the first attempted delivery they would probably try to schedule the delivery with me. WHY NOT JUST SCHEDULE IT NOW YOU IDIOTS?! This is not good for my work or my sanity. And the stupid thing weighs over 100 pounds, and apparently they’re under no obligation to help me even get it off the truck (although I cannot believe they would make me try to get it off the truck myself- I’M SIX AND A HALF MONTHS FUCKING PREGNANT AND YOU’RE DELIVERING A CRIB FOR GODS SAKE) and certainly under no obligation to bring it into my house. So its going to be one of those things where they deliver it and I immediately call my husband and make him drop whatever he’s doing to get it in the house.

I have to go to Babies R’ Us tomorrow to pick up my dresser, so I may try to talk to someone in person because I am getting NOWHERE with online or phone support. No offers of restitution have been made to me over this mess either, which REALLY pisses me off.

So I have no resolution and I’m really, REALLY pissed about it.


5 thoughts on “Another Update FULL of curse words

  1. As someone who works in customer service – have you pushed to speak with a supervisor or manager? From my experience at work if someone pushes enough they usually start to get somewhere with the issue. I had a bad experience with Lowe’s and ended up with a manager at corporate before I got anywhere.

    • I finally asked to file a complaint with someone and they gave me some contact information, but I expect I’ll just get shuffled around some more. I sent a LONG email detailing all the incompetence I’ve dealt with. We’ll see.

  2. It was my experience that when you look obviously pregnant, delivery people carry things into your house. We have alot of out of town family that bought us gifts online and had then shipped to our house and both Fed Ex guy and UPS guy were great.

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