Last Update Today

Librarian calls Chief:

Librarian: “Chief, whatcha doin?”

Chief: “Taking down the shelves in the babies room so I can start priming the walls”

Librarian: “I love you. And I love that you’re not Babies R’ Us, because then I’d hate you. Because I hate them. But I love you.”

Chief: “I’m glad I’m not them either then.”

Librarian: “When I get home I’m going to clean out the guest bedroom so we can store the baby furniture WHENEVER IT COMES in there until the nursery is done”

Chief: “I already did that. I want you to get some sleep tonight.” (What he didn’t say here is “I want you to get some sleep tonight, because you’re mentally unbalanced and it scares me.” But I think we all know that’s what he meant)



3 thoughts on “Last Update Today

  1. Babies R Us Corporate Office Headquarters
    Toys R Us, Inc.
    1 Geoffrey Way
    Wayne, NJ 07470-2030 USA
    Corporate Phone Number: 1-973-617-3500
    Fax: 973-617-4006
    Customer Service Number: 1-888-222-9787
    Neil Friedman is the President. Call corporate number and ask to speak to his assistant/secretary. Tell them you are an high risk pregnancy and request their assistance as certainly this could not be their standard of customer support…. Keep a straight face and calm voice and radiate patience and desire to believe in them. You have years of buying ahead and they like customers. Remind them they like customers as needed to make your point. Follow up in writing sending the letter to his attention by name…..
    Your husband is great and you are very reasonable!

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