I went to Babies R Us to get our dresser today. They looked into the crib issue for me and were told it hadnt even shipped.

Then we got home and this was our drive way.


And it’s damaged.



24 thoughts on “CURSE WORDS

  1. I don’t know how you haven’t completely lost your shit. I’d be a complete screaming, crying mess. Get ’em sister. It’s time to yell at managers and whatever else you have to do to get them to make this right. I am so infuriated that you have to deal with this!

    • I dealt with the best one so far today. They’re doing an exchange and are instantly shipping another one and paying to have the damaged one picked up. Once it’s all said and done in writing a REALLY LONG diatribe to their president.

  2. Damn that sucks! do you know who they shipped it through? My hubby ordered a dirt bike it came on time but the box was damaged (it had a metal framed box on the inside and it was still damaged!!!) the gas tank was broke they forgot to send the helmet and the box was literally falling apart!!! Stupid people handle with care isn’t necessary but handle it without breaking it is!!!

      • I would! Mine was a delivery through the company and luckily DH had an extra part to replace the broken one because they wanted us to ship back the part pay for it and then wait another month for the return the shipping cost more then the part! it was ridiculous!

  3. Please share the letter you write with us. Fingers crossed things improve with the furniture now!
    Now, breath in and out and listen to good music and be kind to yourselves!

  4. Ugh i went thru that the other. I put specific instructions for them to put it in the back and they left it in the middle of my porch in the heat.

  5. Oh those bastards!!!! Honestly, I’d return it to the store (they can adjust for your shipping too!) And just grab it while there!!! Fingers crossed it works out better the second go round

  6. that is seriously. messed. up!! glad we have a buy buy baby near us, so that we don’t have to deal with BRU. i have had to buy gifts off people’s registries in the past, and they would often not include gift receipts, no matter how much i nagged.

  7. Ugh! That’s the worst! When we bought our crib in faith a few on this ago the box came all beat up but everything inside was good to go. I am bummed you didn’t have that same experience :/

    • Im so glad we didn’t wait to order till may as was our original plan, because now the projected arrival date is between April 15 and May 1st. I think it will come before then, but if we had waited until May and had all these problems we could really be pushing it to have the nursery ready for her. And she’s going to sleep in our room at first anyway, but I have newborn photos scheduled and we need to have everything ready for those.


  8. I have no words. What in the world…. you are much better than I am. I would be throwing a fit… I am so sorry you’ve had to deal with this. It shouldn’t happen this way. XO

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