Goodbye sleep

It seems that between peeing and awful allergies, I’ve reached the point of pregnancy where I’m not going to sleep well. It’s 4 am here. I’ve been wide awake since 3:20 am. 

Part of that is worrying about this stupid crib thing. My biggest fear is that if I miss delivery and they send it back they won’t reship it for free. It’s not like I just have to have it next week. I still have three months to go. I just need a guarantee at this point that i WILL get it and that they will accept the cost of making that happen, which is what I asked for in my most recent, and most likely fruitless email to customer service.

But at 4:00 am there’s absolutely nothing I can do at this point. And in the grand scheme of things, I have to remember that my problems could be worse.

So I leave you with two things. First is a bump shot from yesterday, 26w3d:


Next is some of the artwork that came for Charlie’s room. I have a large custom piece too that I’ll put in a separate post:



14 thoughts on “Goodbye sleep

  1. I *really* want to call babies r us on your behalf and give them a piece of my mind! I’m so over bad customer service. After I commented yesterday I ended up yelling at target on the phone because they screwed up my picture order and kept giving me the generic “I will look into it”. Regardless to say a half an hour later I got a call back and it was resolved and they’re mailing the pics that were missing to me directly!

    I’m sure you already did this, but write down the name of anyone you talk to and the date/time of the call. If you get conflicting information simply remind them that you know they’re on recorded lines and that you would like it escalated as you have been told different things. Any of those calls can be pulled at anytime and if there’s any sort of quality assurance or resolution deparment that gives a damn someone will try to make it right for you, it just takes some pushing. Where I work our inbound phone reps are trained to try to handle issues on their own and not pass the calls, so it takes some perseverance sometimes!

    Side note – I mailed those diapers yesterday!

    • You’re so sweet!

      I’m really frustrated. Really. The bedside table came and it is really good, solid construction. So I still want the damn products. I just want some decent customer service to go with them. I did ask that my emails be directed to a supervisor and they said I would have to call and ask to speak to one, so that’s my next step tomorrow I guess. Although it’s the weekend, so there’s probably nothing they can do.

      I actually switched to email so that I’d have everything in writing to help back up my case. But this is just like H and M all over again, no one wants to really do anything. At least H and M gave me coupons….

      • I’m so sorry lady!!! Don’t accept there’s nothing they can do!!! Tell them your predicament and how you need more notice on the delivery date because of work schedules. At least if they can confirm a date you could possibly work with fedex separately on a drop off time that works for you or your husband.

        I totally understand email for documentation purposes. Technically if there is a complaint in those they should be passes along to a complaints department. A complaint is a complaint. In the financial industry it’s taken very seriously either way. Not sure how it works in retail.

        I know it’s so frustrating, but keep on them. Remind them you’re the customer and you paid extra for delivery. To be honest, I would push for them to ship to a local store for free (refund your shipping cost) so you can pick it up at a time of day that is convenient!

      • Actually, I did find out that it’s not being shipped fedex. They couldn’t tell me for sure WHO is shipping it, but it is one of two freight companies. Without a tracking number I don’t know if there’s anything they can do, but I’m going to call them both tomorrow and see if they can search by delivery address to see if I’m in there system. Even if they can’t, I can at least find out what they do if someone isn’t present to accept a delivery.

      • Yeah they should have more info than that on the shipper. I’d be requesting a call once shipped with that info and a contact phone number to call the shipper directly. I’m sure you’re not the first to have something sent to you directly so I honestly feel like they’re giving you the runaround!

  2. FYI – the recoded lines spiel really does work sometimes! Saved me from paying extra money to mediacom! I called in after we switched companies to find out the final bill amount and was told $10. When I went to the local office to drop off the receiver they kept telling me an amount much higher. I kept telling the lady to pull the call and I was only paying $10. Finally a manager came over and told her to just credit my account so I could leave!

  3. I love the artwork! How neat! I’m sorry that you’re not able to sleep well and that you’re steal dealing with the crib debacle. I hope you are able to get some rest!

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