If this cat is Jesus

You know that thing that people say about being good to the poor? You never know who might be Jesus in disguise? Or something?

I’m not terribly religious, but I am Christian. I’m pretty liberal (I always feel like I have to throw that in there). I’m pro-choice, I’m a yellow-dog democrat. Etc. But I am Christian, and I’m on the side of Christianity that believes in Grace above all things. Not, like, dancing style grace. But that Jesus loves us and forgives us for our mistakes. That there’s no criteria for getting into heaven. We’ve all got a spot. Whether you believe or not. We don’t even talk about Hell at my church. I want to say that we believe that gayness is okay and right with God, but that’s not true. Because that’s not a thing that you believe-that’s just a fact. We have a very high “gay population” at my church-I’d guesstimate about 40%. And for the south that’s pretty high.

And so many other things.

But that’s the gist of what I believe.

But I’ve been thinking about this cat all day. And just how she is probably the sweetest cat I’ve ever met. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my cats. They are sweet, and affectionate, and kind. But they fight me to be picked up-she doesn’t. They fight to go in a carrier-she did the tiniest bit, but not really. They HATE medicine of any kind-she loves being touched so much that she doesn’t mind the ringworm ointment. They freak out at the vet-she stayed perfectly calm and serene the entire time we were there. They mostly trust me-she totally trusts me.

This isn’t to say that she’s better than my cats. My cats are the norm-this cat is not. My cats are still sweet and wonderful and I wouldn’t trade them for ANYTHING. Most of the time I find them to be outside the norm as far as being super affectionate, but this cat has shown me that that can be taken a step farther.

So I think that if that thing is true, that if Jesus really does masquerade as people, then there’s a good chance that he masquerades as creatures too.

And I think I might have Jesus in my bathroom. I really hope s/he likes the choice of towels.


4 thoughts on “If this cat is Jesus

  1. You have a big big heart and have brightened my day with your love of this cat. I hope and pray she finds the home she deserves. Poor baby, lucky her to have found you xx

    • As hard as it is, and is going to continue to be, and I think will even continue after I give her up to someone, I’m glad that she found me. I think in a weird way she’s preparing me for how hard being a mom, and making hard choices is going to be.

  2. I have all kinds of love for this post. I think things like this all the time, and I’m glad I’m not the only one. Plus, I’m sure your towels are perfect. You’re a kind human to take such good care of her.

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