Damn you confliction!

I love this cat.

I love her TOO much.

I want to keep her.

No wait.

That’s insane. I have four cats. I’m seven months pregnant. I can’t keep her.

But damnit I love her. And she loves me.

Five cats would be fine, what’s one more?

But my cats get along so well, I don’t want to rock the boat.

Right, must find her a home.

But I can’t find her a home. No one will take her.

So maybe I should just keep her.


But Chief does NOT want to keep her.

And neither do I really.


And he’s begrudgingly agreed that we can keep her if we try REALLY HARD to find her a home first.

And I am trying.

But I want everyone to say no.

Except for a few people, like my Aunt. I’d like her to take her.

Or my mom. Then i could still see her.

Or I could just keep her. Yeah. I could do that.

I might have to get divorced though.

This is my head. All. Day. Long.


23 thoughts on “Damn you confliction!

    • I’ve actually done some research, and even most experts agree that if you can afford their care and stuff as long as you don’t have more than six you’re okay. I think it’s just hard to wrap my mind around because we’ve had this “set” of four for so long now. It IS scary to rock that boat.

      • Well, she’s already in the house, and you have her isolated for the time being, so you’re on the right track. There are some great tips on introducing cats on Google (aspca and humane societies, oh and Jackson Galaxy). That’s what I’ve used to introduce all of my cats, and we’ve only had one fail (a sweet black adult male who morphed into an attacker as soon as he saw the other cats). If nothing else comes up for her then it’s worth a shot.

      • It’s definitely the plan if we can’t find anything else. CHief knows she WON’T go to the pound and she WON’T go back outside (although if we do end up keeping her and she wants to be indoor/outdoor, I might let that happen). The timing is just all kinds of awful. But I want her. REAL bad. I’m going to post a few videos of her later showing how affectionate she is so you guys can see 🙂

    • haha I could, but I think she will never again be satisfied if she’s not in a house. She’s had a taste of luxury (as luxurious as our house is-although to a former stray this bathroom is probably like the taj mahal) and she’s never going back!

    • I love puppies, but I’m lucky because they don’t tempt me because of how messy they are! Cats on the other hand, you stick them in a litter box once and they just know what to do. I could have a house full of cats!

      But I do love to snuggle a puppy. It’s just that once I’m done, I want to hand it back and make someone else clean up after it 🙂

      • Lol thats how I feel about cats they are so demanding lol plus the litterbox thing my dogs go in the corner of my back yard and I clean it once a month a litter box is more maintanence in my mind lol my dogs are so laid back yet so protective I can’t imagine not having them! Kittys I like to play with for a minute but then my allergies kick in and don’t give me a chance to bond with any kitties :/

      • Completely agree with that all my animals are so different from each other it cracks me! we have 2 girl dogs both aussie shepard husky mixes (shedding season sucks) and 2 boys 1 shepard pitbull he was the last rescue puppy that I just couldn’t say no to and I’m not a huge pitbull fan but he’s just such a lover boy!!! and our big Huge lazy hound dog!!! Me and the hubby each had only one dog when we met in the first 2 years we ended up with 2 more lol

  1. I love this post. Not because of the struggle but because you are exactly like me. Exactly. This is why we have 3 dogs, 2 cats. It’s crazy. But it’s worked out okay. Hugs, love!!

  2. I have an important questiong… at what point does it stop being ‘Cats’ and start being a ‘Clowder’? Because I am just saying… being able to say that you have to get home to your Clowder… pretty cool LOL.

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