Cats and Cribs

1. Chief has baby cat and is almost home. He said she’s rubbing up against the bars when he puts his fingers there and that she’s ready to be out of her cage. He’s going to change her litter box as soon as he gets home so it’s nice and clean to help keep things sanitary, then he’s going to put some water out. We’re going to try a small amount of food later, because they said she might throw it up. She’s a real food scarfer, so I don’t want to put out a full bowl and have her make herself sick.

She tested negative for all the things, including worms which is miraculous to me. So she has a clean bill of health and will be ready for a new momma in ten days. I know the next day or two will be pretty rough for her, but overall this is great news. I’m happy she’s coming home.

2. The Crib.

Oh the crib. I called BRU AGAIN today because a) they hadn’t sent me any pick up information for the old crib and b) the tracking link for the new one STILL didn’t work. Seriously-how hard can this be? Anyway, I talked to a very nice girl today who got me the tracking number and name of the freight line (estes). The number didn’t work on their site today, so I called and after waiting for 12 minutes got connected to another very nice girl who said that she sees there are two pick ups from BRU scheduled for late this evening, and that my crib is probably on one of them and that’s why the tracking number isn’t working yet. Perfectly logical explanation. She said by tomorrow afternoon it should be working though. She also said that I can call the Estes location here in town and talk to them about delivery instructions, AND that if I get to them before they put it on a truck they can just hold it out on the dock and we can go and pick it up ourselves. MY GOD THIS IS ALL I’VE WANTED FROM THE BEGINNING.

While I was on the phone with BRU though, the person from logistics called about picking the crib up and HE was helpful too (three people in one day? this must be a miracle). I asked if we had to be home, he said no-we could leave it outside. I asked if he could give me a time of day and he said it would be between nine and one. I told him I had no shipping label or anything and he said no problem, he could print one out and have it there for his driver. I asked if he could have the driver call me when it’s picked up and he said sure, no problem.


So assuming nothing goes wrong further (a BIG assumption) it looks like MAYBE everything is going to work out.

And now maybe, just maybe, I can sleep tonight.


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