Nervous momma

Sweet baby cat has her late term spay tomorrow and I am nervous. It’s apparently more complicated than s regular spay, and it’s being done at a low cost clinic (because they came through and said they would do it) and I just hope they’re equipped for it. Surely they wouldn’t say they could if they couldn’t, right?

And we have someone really nice interested in her. She only has one other cat, so it would be better than her staying here. I’m bittersweet over it honestly, but if she got the home and love she deserves, I would be happy. Happy sad.

I just need her to make it through this procedure. Please cross your fingers. I don’t know how I’ll live with myself if we lose her tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Nervous momma

      • Sure. We would do them for the feral cat population as students. Because all their vessels are wicked obvious and easily accessed, i actually find the preggers easier to spay. For cats, anyways, dogs are usually more fatty and therefore harder to get good ligatures on. Also low cost facilities generally just do spays and neuters, so they get really efficient and good at them. Usually the worst thing that happens is incisions infections. I have faith. Hugs, doll!

      • Thank you-that’s really reassuring. They said she’d have a bigger incision, so we’re going to have a cone on hand just in case we have to use it. One of my best friends is going to check on her at 10:00 am on Thursday, then chief at 12:00 and 2:30, then I’ll be home by 5:30. I just don’t want her alone for long periods of time on that first day after surgery.

  1. I’m sending her lots of luck and healing vibes for a quick recovery. I’m glad buckrugerlayla was able to weigh in on this, and I am glad she thinks it will go fine.

  2. I truly believe she’s going to do fine in surgery. There’s no way they’d do it if they weren’t comfortable. They’re animal people too–don’t forget that! They don’t want to lose their patients any more than we want our babies to be lost. Right? Chin up! Don’t stress! You are doing something wonderful for this sweet girl.

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