Fast Update on Baby Cat

Called my vet again. The first time I called I just talked to the girl answering the phone. When I reiterated that she had had a pregnant spay and wasn’t drinking water, she went to talk to the vet and he immediately said she needed to come in for subq fluids. Chief thinks I’m crazy I think (“How do you know she hasn’t had anything to drink?” “Umm, because the bowl looks EXACTLY THE SAME as last night”), but I’m just not willing to risk it. And I think she needs another pain injection or something to help with that big long incision.

My vet probably thinks I’m insane too, but that’s why I pay him the big bucks.


9 thoughts on “Fast Update on Baby Cat

      • My mom runs a daycare and wishes she had a whole lot more of “THOSE” mothers out there come cold and flu season and whenever an ear infection crops up. So don’t ever let anyone tell you that its crazy – it’s not! Your ped will deal 😉 or they’ll tell you that you care too much and you can tell them to kick rocks!

        (I will also be “that” mother. SO, Solidarity sister!! lol)

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