Miracles and Worries

1. Baby cat. She seems worse today, which I guess is to be expected. She doesn’t want to move much at all and has no interest in food or water (the water issue is VERY concerning to me). I called the clinic where she had the surgery and they said the pain shot is probably wearing off which makes sense. Then I called my vet (because I just trust him more) and they said monitor her today and if she’s not better by tonight/tomorrow morning then bring her in and they’ll monitor her there, and I would guess if she hasn’t had any more to drink they’ll put her back on an IV. Honestly I want to do that for her today, but I’m trying to give her space to heal. She was very sleepy for my visit this morning, but she was cuddling my sweater that I left in the bathroom last night. I sort of had intentions of wearing it, but there was no way I was taking it away from her. I left a super soft and fleecy blanket in there with her just in case she’d be more comfortable. If I wasn’t at work today I would have wrapped her in a blanket and put her in bed with me to watch Gilmore Girls. That always makes me feel better.

So yeah. I’m worried, but trying not to jump the gun. Luckily she had IV fluids yesterday, so she shouldn’t get dehydrated too quickly…I hope. Someone suggested getting her some canned chicken in water so I think I’ll pick that up after work today. And she’s being checked on every two hours. My friend, C, should be there any minute now and then Chief at 12:00 and 3:30, then I’ll be home.

2. The tracking number for the crib works. It hasn’t left New Jersey yet, but the number freaking works. I must go sacrifice a virgin or something now on the alter of the baby furniture tracking gods.


15 thoughts on “Miracles and Worries

  1. Did they send her home with any pain meds? I remember how awful day 2 was when I got my dog spayed. The vet had forgotten to send us with pain meds and I think I cried as much as my poor Twix did. She was much better the next day, though. Also, when my kitty was very very sick (years ago), I was feeding him baby food and water with a syringe. It worked and he pulled through when the vet really didn’t expect him to.

    • They didn’t, but my experience with cats and pain meds is that there’s a) not much you can give them (tramadol) and b) it’s hella hard to get them to take it, and I don’t want to fight her on ANYTHING right now. They even said if I need to bring her back tomorrow I can forgo the carrier and just wrap her in a blanket.

  2. Did they send her home with pain meds at all? Pain control is a HUGE issue, and if they didn’t send anything home with you to help with that, she’s going to be miserable. Normally (and this is in most clinics I’ve worked at, not just where I am now…pain control is a huge concern post op for most vets in this area) a spay would be sent home with 5-7 days of pain meds. They don’t necessarily have to use it until gone, but until the pet is recovered enough to be comfortable without them. Typically, 3 days or so. I mean, would YOU expect no pain meds after a hysterectomy? It’s common sense, and kind. If she’s in pain, she WON’T want to eat, or do anything for that matter. If she got a lot of fluids yesterday, dehydration shouldn’t really be a concern yet. I would say if she’s not feeling better by early afternoon, take her in to your regular vet. It sounds like you maybe took her to a low cost spay/neuter clinic? In my experience, they’re more concerned with getting a job done at a good price, and maybe not necessarily with the aftermath. Check in with the people who are checking on her today, and see what they say. It’s normal for them to be quiet for a few days, but she still needs to eat something. Definitely try canned chicken or tuna (try to get something with no sodium though), or you can even try meat baby food (look for ones with no onion or garlic in the ingredients). Those will help her hydration level, and they’re stinky and tasty so she may be more inclined to eat those.
    Hope it goes well…give me an update!

  3. There you are!!!! I thought you weren’t posting so I googled you and lo and behold I saw the ‘follow’ icon on WP and realized it unfollowed you! Stupid WP.

    I’m just catching up and I will be way behind on your posts for a while but I see that your kitty is sick and I am sorry. I know how much you love your fur babies. When Shali was sick and we had to give her a lot of meds we found that she loved baby food! It has tons of flavour and we could have hidden a rock in there and she’d have tried to eat it if was coated in baby food….

    I’ve never had a spay go badly with a cat, but we did have a neuter go badly with our shih tzu Runkie. They did a rush job and it was at a low cost clinic. The poor little guy would scream whenever I picked him up and put him down to tinkle and because he was so little, no matter what I did, there was some pressure on his abdomen at some point. That was 16 years ago and I still remember how upset I was, so I can imagine you’re really worried about your kitty and wanting to take her pain away.

    Here’s to hoping the pain lessens very quickly. Runkie was very sore for the first 24 hours, we saw incremental improvement after the initial 24 hours and I as I recall we did go in and get pain meds and something for inflammation, too.

    • This has just been a nightmare for her. She’s a stray we’ve been taking care of and they did a pregnant spay on her which is pretty rough. it was at a low cost clinic and she seemed fine last night, but the pain meds are definitely worn off now and she’s really rough. I’ve only known her for a few weeks and I’m about to hand her off to a new momma (hopefully, if it works out )but I’m so crazy attached and invested in her well being at this point that its probably not healthy. I’ve thought about her way more this week than my own baby (although in my defense, there’s not a lot I can DO for my own baby right now other than eat and drink, which are my two favorite activities, so you know, that’s not a problem).

      • Awww girl, I just read a few more posts and saw more about her story. She sounds like THE sweetest little love! What a gentle little being she is.

        I know this is a shitty time for you and Cookie because you’re putting your energy in helping her get better and you’re justifiably very worried about the outcome, but I think “god” whatever that is, would look at what you’ve done for this cat and see the kindness and love and very much shower you and Cookie with some grace.

        I’m really hoping this is a small blip and Cookie gets to her forever home soon (climbing see and all!).

        Sending little Cookie lots of healing vibes….

  4. Awww, poor baby girl. I’m glad Chief has taken her in for fluids. Gilmore Girls is my comfort show as well, and they have it n Netflix, so maybe put it on a mobile device and hang out with her in the bathroom when you get home tonight 😊

    • If she’s still really dopey when we get home I think I’m going to put different blankets on our bed and let her be in there with me for a while. THe cats will still know she was there, but if i switch the blankets back when I put her down in the bathroom for the night they won’t have as much to freak out about.

  5. I’m doing my best, I just hope it ends up being enough. I know you can’t ACTUALLY save them all, but I feel like I’m really close to saving this one and I just want her to have a good life.

  6. ha awesome about the crib. Hope the putty cat turns out to be ok. I’m sure she is still just recovering from what was pretty major for her yesterday – spay and lost kittens. It was a big day for her remember (not that I’m a vet or have any knowledge of animals AT ALL). Oh and how great is Gilmore Girls. One of my fav ever series.

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