She’s home

She was dehydrated, but not severely yet. I’m glad we brought her in before it could get worse. She is so much better than this morning. Her eyes are bright and focused and she’s moving around better. 

She also had a big appetite when we got home!

Water, man-it’s a miracle worker.




13 thoughts on “She’s home

  1. So glad they got her feeling better! She must not have gotten a whole lot of fluids yesterday if she was already dehydrated. Did they give her pain meds at all? Hope she stays on the upswing!

    • A huge part of me wishes I could keep her. If her potential new momma doesn’t work out we will keep her, but we need to give her a chance at a slightly less populated home! Not to mention one not in such a state of transition.

  2. Yay! I’m glad she’s doing better. I know this doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I want to thank you for taking good care of her. I know some people would just blow it off and say she’s “just” a cat, but you have a big heart and it’s appreciated. ❤

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