Dewey and the bump part II



7 thoughts on “Dewey and the bump part II

    • He is long haired 🙂 The shelter I got him at thought he was a persian, but I have a persian and they’re very different looking. Based on his size I think he’s either part maine coon or part rag doll. He’s a 17 pound boy! But the vet says that’s healthy for him. He’s just a big cat 🙂

      • No Persians have squished faces, his looks pretty pointy. And Rag Dolls are fairly small. Maybe part Maine Coon. Either way, he’s really cute!!!

      • He is a cutie 🙂 My mom has a full rag doll and he’s pretty average size, but Dewey is definitely bigger than him, and his hair is much longer, so i think part Maine coon too. Or, he’s just a big old fluffy cat and I love him either way 🙂

      • Of course! I could sit all day and talk about my cats, to anyone who would let me lol. They’re all just regular cats, but I don’t care, they’re special to me. I’m trying to think up a post all about them, with pics and bios and everything. Whenever I have time to concentrate on it, I’ll publish it. 🙂

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