28w4d bump

truth: I bought his dress back in 2011 knowing it was maternity but really digging the pattern. Then after we started having trouble getting pregnant I wouldn’t wear it anymore, but also was afraid getting rid of it would be bad karma. I saw it in my extra closet (don’t judge) today and decided to wear it spur of the moment.

Also, it was a no makeup or hair styling kind of day. Don’t judge.




19 thoughts on “28w4d bump

    • You are WAY too kind 🙂 I feel like a frump today, but I know that I’m going to want these pictures down the road and this is the best place for me to document them with the actual week and everything. Of course, someday Charlie is going to look at these and go “Mom, why are they ALL in the bathroom at your work. That’s just weird.”

  1. I appreciate it. I’m trying to love myself “the way I am” meaning more natural, because I figure once baby gets here, that’s going to be as good as it’s going to get for a while! Since being pregnant my hair is curling way more on it’s own, but I think that’ll probably stop once she arrives. I’ll miss it for sure!

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