Two steps forward

A massive leap back?

We got the crib. Babies R’ Us emailed me to say that they received the damaged crib back at their facility. Case closed. The furniture is all put together and GORGEOUS. But then….

On Friday I found out that our AC Unit on our house is barely functioning. The technician who came out to do our yearly service said that it would probably make it through the spring, but a few hot days this summer will definitely kill it. He gave me a laundry list of everything that’s wrong with it and it all seems legit. And we knew this one was on it’s way out-that’s why we tried to get a new one last year (unsuccessfully I might add).

So anyway. We’re looking at $3500 for the new unit, plus I would guess $500-1000 to do the install, just depending (because I think we might have to upgrade our electrical just a smidgeon). And then on top of that, a bunch of our duct work needs to be repaired. So let’s go ahead and add $1500-2000 to that.

So yeah, we’re looking at anywhere from $5500-6500. And it can’t be put off. I’m bringing a tiny baby home in late June to a house in the deep(ish) south. So we have to do it. ASAP. Chief wanted to wait until it died to see if we could at least get to the fall, but I am unwilling to take that risk. Then we could be looking at weeks without AC before we could get the work done.

The most upsetting thing is that I have the money sitting in savings right now, but it’s maternity leave money/ get the baby whatever it needs that people don’t get us money. NOT AC Unit money.

So, we’re extending the HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) on our house. Hopefully. I talked to our lending agent on Friday and she acted like it wouldn’t be a big thing, because the equity is just sitting there. But we have to redo the whole loan, which means redoing all the paperwork ($300 application fee) and getting the house reappraised (usually around $500). So I have to pay $800 basically to make this happen.

But I just don’t see a way around it. I keep telling myself that this will only help us sell the house. Now the house will be remodeled, have a new roof/appliances, AND a new AC Unit. It’s a worthwhile investment, and frankly, not one that I have a choice about at this point. I cannot live without AC. My baby cannot live without AC. Not in our climate. Not during 110 degree days.

So anyway, that’s what I’m working on. I’m trying to not be too upset about it. It’s kind of easy to stay calm when you don’t actually have a choice, you know? But I’m telling you this: on my next house I want a freaking warranty.


23 thoughts on “Two steps forward

  1. This kind of stuff is the worst. I totally feel for you. Our house it turning 10 this year and over the past 12 months its just been one thing after another. Mostly smaller things that have cost in the $400-$600 dollar range but still! I feel for you!

    • It’s not been fun with this house. RIGHT after we bought it I found out that the roof inspector basically lied to my face and told me the roof was fine. Then after we closed I got a letter from our insurance company saying that based on our roof inspection we needed a new roof, and if we didn’t get one in thirty days they’d drop insurance coverage of us. We had to borrow from my dad. And basically everything else that could go wrong has-water heater, AC SEVERAL times (mainly from Chief’s parents not maintaining it when they lived here, thanks guys), various appliances, massive leaks that led to rotted out walls. It’s been sort of a nightmare.

      • omg that is terrible!!!!!! I am so sorry! Next week our house is going under construction to completely demo/remove/replace all of the stucco on all four sides because they did not do the stucco correctly when the built the house. Thankfully its a warranty issue so we wont be paying for any of it, but its going to take months and be a serious disruption to our lives! I hope you can get this sorted out quickly! prayers!

      • OH that would be a real test of my patience-I hope it goes well for you! And thanks, I hope so too. I hate that the rates have gone up since we first did this HELOC, but what is there to do really? Just gotta suck it up and make it happen.

  2. oh noooo!!! That sucks so much 😦 I’m sorry hun! I feel your pain though, we also need a new AC and I am dragging my feet- HARD on getting one. We have window units that we have been using the last few summers and might do the same for baby’s room this year- just because $100 on a window unit is a small price to pay for a few more months free of that 2500 AC investment… Womp! But you are right, with a tiny baby in the southern heat- an AC is a must have!!

    • I thought about hauling the window units out of storage. But our house is so big (that sounds braggy) that they don’t do a ton of good :-/ and I figure if I don’t do this now it will be way harder to get it taken care of after she’s here. Yeesh. Being a grown up is the pits sometimes.

  3. That sucks!! Houses can be such a pain sometimes. I hope the loan works out, though it’s not fair that you have to spend so much just to get it. Fingers crossed for you that everything falls into place!

  4. It totally sucks when things like this come out of the blue and eat up all of your funds. I remember when I had a broken ankle at first I could only have baths and I went to have one, got in, turned the water on and after a minute or so it was freezing cold. I got myself out of the bath to check the hot water heater and the bottom had blown out! So there I was wet, freezing and on crutches. I called the real estate (luckily it was a rental) and they sent someone out pretty quickly. I’m pretty sure I did my share of fist shaking at the universe that day.

  5. I am sorry, house stuff blows. We lived in ours only 4 mo and then found a huge crack had developed in the foundation. 😑 it is what it is! You guys will be happy with the renovations! I will say we had a home warranty and it was a crock of shit – for us.

  6. I am so sorry you’re dealing with this now! We’re waiting on our furnace to die. I think we may try to replace this summer when it’s cheaper instead of waiting for it to go in the middle of a freezing WI winter next year. I totally get it!

  7. Ugh I feel for you. When it rains, it pours. You are very right though, you can’t go without an AC. Home owning is not all it is cracked up to be some days:)

  8. Hi, I’m Erin. I don’t have a blog myself, but I’m a lurker I guess and have been reading yours for some time. I also am in air conditioning sales (my Dad owns an air conditioning company) in Florida, land of super hot. Feel free not to publish this comment, but I think you can see my email. The pricing you are listing sounds a little off, and I would be happy to give advice/opinions if it would help. It’s a big purchase, and if your area is like Florida, there are good and bad companies. Let me know if I can help!

    • I will-thank you! I’m getting a quote from one of our more reputable companies here and hoping it will be less than what I’m thinking. The $3500 for a 4 ton unit seems to be fairly consistent across the board though. I’ve found some that are in the $2000’s, but the SEER rating on them isn’t great, and while I don’t want to go top of the line, I also don’t want to cheap out on it, you know what I mean?

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