In-Law RANT post

My in-laws came to town this weekend for a bowling tournament. This is fine. Good actually, because it means we can see them but not too much because they’re busy doing other things.

Friday night we went to a cook-out at one of their friends houses. Everyone was super sweet and kind to me. I hadn’t met these folks before, although one of them is the guy who does our taxes, so it was good to put a face to the name. We stayed WAY too late though because the steaks didn’t get done until 9:00 pm. Pregnant hungry belly was not happy about that, but I tried to play it off as no big deal. I didn’t want to be rude, and luckily I had emergency chocolate in my purse that I could munch on in the bathroom (I KNOW. OKAY. I KNOW.)

So that was fine. I lost an entire evening, but that was fine. Chief had drill the next day so we got home and snuggled up with the fur babies and went to bed.

Then Saturday I worked like a mad fiend. I’m living my life on the assumption that we’re going to get the extension on the HELOC, no problem (still waiting to hear) and that I’ll need to have my house ready for appraisal soon. I was up and at ’em at 7:00 am vacuuming and dusting before the carpet cleaner guys came that afternoon. Then I ran errands at Target and Lowe’s so Chief and I would have mulch to do the gardens when he got off that afternoon.

Then we had dinner with the in-laws, again. Let me back up by saying that a month ago when they told us they were coming we asked them to bring their truck so they could get more (because, seriously, there’s a lot) of their stuff from our house. They haven’t lived there in FOUR YEARS and we still have tons of their crap. Chief has boxed a bunch of stuff up. They said that would be fine, no problem. And Friday night his dad asked him to get his old mower out of one of the storage sheds for him and he’d take that too. Sure. No problem. Take it all as far as I’m concerned. BECAUSE IT’S BEEN FOUR YEARS.

So then it’s Saturday and we’re at dinner and Chief says, “So are you guys coming over right after?” And they’re all “What for?” LIKE WE HADN’T TALKED ABOUT IT THE NIGHT BEFORE AND WEEKS BEFORE THAT. And Chief was like “You know, to get your stuff…” and they were like “Well we’re really busy tonight, can’t we just get it in May?” And Chief was like “No, I’d really like you to get it now, because we’re sort of getting ready for a baby AND an appraisal all at once.” So they begrudgingly agreed. But they wanted to go to the VFW so Chief’s dad could drink some more first. Fine. Whatever.

So we go home and wait. And wait. And Chief texts and asks when they’re coming, and they respond that they’ll just get it in May and he reminds them that he dug out their old mower for them to get THIS WEEKEND like they requested, so they come over.

But do they take the goddamn boxes? NO. They instead dug through them, took what they wanted, and left everything else and told us to just “get rid of it.” Except for the box of linens. Chief’s mom didn’t want to go through that, so she told Chief to go through it, pull out the tablecloths, and get rid of everything else. She’ll get the tablecloths in May.


Then she threw a fit because her ceramic swan was broken. YOU MEAN THE CERAMIC SWAN YOU DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE WAS STILL HERE BECAUSE YOU LEFT IT HERE FOUR YEARS AGO? Sorry, I can’t be made to feel bad about that. But she went on and on about it.

THEN they came back to look at the nursery. The cats came in with us and his mom yelled at Nate “YOU BETTER NOT GET USED TO BEING IN HERE-THAT’S NOT GOING TO BE ALLOWED WHEN THE BABY COMES.” Bitch please, let’s get one thing straight, my cats go where I want them to go, and if I’m okay with them being in the nursery then that is where they’ll be. And honestly I haven’t put much thought into it, because Charlie’s not even going to be in there much at first. She’ll be in a bassinet in our room. And I’m not worried about my cats hurting her. And no one is making rules about Chief and I’s house except Chief and I. Period.

She had said something else about “if you’re going to keep all these pets then you need to make sure your next house is bigger.” Well, okay, I guess, except my current house is a pretty good size. Four bedrooms, two full baths, a kitchen, modest dining space, and large living room. My pets are fine. The dogs have a huge backyard that leads into a dog door that goes down to the old garage, so they’re good (although they’re inside most of the time). And the cats have tons of places to lounge. AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN IF I’M GOING TO KEEP THESE PETS?

Then Chief told me after they left that his mom wants to bring a friend to the shower. Face palm.

So that was my weekend, plus an awkward email to my shower hostess. I also found out right before bed that my cousin’s mother-in-law wants to come, which is sweet, but also awkward. I didn’t want to ask C to send out more invites because she has to print them and everything herself, so my aunt is sending hers in a fresh envelope to cousin’s mother-in-law. Again, i think it’s very sweet that she wants to come and support me. We’ve met a few times, but it’s not what I would have expected. My aunt told me not to feel bad, because I do feel a little guilty that she’s getting a second hand invitation, but seriously who would have thought to invite their cousin’s mother-in-law?

Awkward. Captain and Supreme boss are out this week and Monday is already trying to beat me down with it’s Monday stick. I work Saturday, so just pray that I make it that far without biting someone’s head off or crying under my desk.

Or cursing out my mother-in-law.


16 thoughts on “In-Law RANT post

  1. Loved this! (though I’m sorry you are having in-law troubles) I can relate. My in-laws were here this weekend for the baby’s baptism after saying they were not going to come. Then the husband unexpectedly had to work part of Saturday. So I couldn’t get prepared for the baptism after-party until after he came home. Well, long story sort of short, I finally went to the store, came back with loads of groceries and tons of food to prepare Saturday around 3:30, only to find that my mother-in-law had completely and utterly taken over my kitchen. I pulled the husband aside and said, “Uh…how am I supposed to bake cupcakes with your mother’s smelly roast in the oven for hours?” Plus make salads, and hors d’oerves and potatoes, etc. It was awful. Granted, they made us dinner, which I guess was nice. Sort of. Meat the texture of leather, and not so much of a thought toward anything resembling a vegetable, and don’t even get me started on the mess of dirty dishes they created. Bleh.

  2. Ugh why are in-laws so difficult!! B’s family can be a pain as well. I’m sorry that they’ve been so annoying. Honestly, I would just take EVERYTHING and donate it, whether they said they wanted something out of one of the boxes or not. 4 years is far too long!! That’s some nerve she’s got…especially with all the comments. For your sake, I hope they don’t come visit too often lol!

    • They used to visit. all. the. time. And then i had it out with them about overstepping some boundaries and they started visiting less. We are going to donate everything except the goddamn linens she wants. But I’m so effing frustrated.

      • I don’t blame you!! My sister’s MIL would for years just announce when she was going to visit them, not ask, and it was at least 8-10 times a year. While she was visiting, she would basically sit and watch tv, make messes, eat all their food, and not care to be a part of anything. Umm…isn’t that what you get a hotel for!?!? She doesn’t visit anymore…because she bought a condo about 20 minutes from them. My sister is thrilled lol!!

      • Yeah, my FIL did that crap a lot the first year we were married. Smoke in my house, sleep on my living room furniture so I could never be out there, leave his alcohol bottles and glasses everywhere. It drove me up a wall.

  3. You’re a better woman than me. When my MIL told me for the 20th time to put my paralyzed dog in a shelter (because that’s somehow more humane than putting him down, letting him spend the rest of his life in a small cage, but she’d feel too guilty to suggest we kill him) and that my house was filthy because of the dog (it absolutely wasn’t filthy) I lost my shit, told her she offended me and that I want putting my dog down and if she didn’t like it she could stay somewhere else.

  4. Omg what is wrong with these people??? Why do they (like my in laws) have to be so difficult? I would be having a Bon fire with their crap. Your house, your rules! Take care.

  5. Wow. Just wow. I wish they were more considerate. I’m sorry you have to deal with all of this. And, WTH? No one messes with the pets. No. One.

  6. Hahaha I literally laughed out loud at “Bitch please” because coming up to our wedding I thought that all the time with my MIL!!!
    I don’t even know how I would have handled them leaving all that mess when you guys had worked so hard to pack it up nicely for them. I think I would have preempted it a bit (only because I know what my MIL is like) and just started to help them pack it all in hahaha). The swan thing… pfft. Just… pfft. That is just ridiculous. I don’t even know what to say to that. I probably would have got angry at how ridiculous she was being and when she got to tanty level burst out and said she should be happy that she had a ceramic swan to forget about for 4 years, children in 3rd world countries don’t have any type of swans at all. Yeah I can get ridiculous with my outbursts when I feel people are acting stupidly. But seriously… 4 years?! Is the stuff donatable? Perhaps knowing someone else can use it (well, except for the ceramic swan) will make you feel a bit better about it?

  7. Being that I’m currently in the process of trying to make sure I don’t kill someone in my husband’s family, I have a lot to say about the shitty way your in-laws are treating you guys!

    I am so happy that Chief tried his best to get them to move their shit. It’s terrible that you now have to go through the effort of looking through their crap, packing it up for donation/garbage, and then storing stuff until May, on top of everything else! Where the hell do they get off!?

    As for the pets – I’m surprised you didn’t slap the shit out of her. We are leaving the nursery open, keeping swings out, etc so that the cats can get used to the stuff, get their scent on it, so that when Apple and Banana are here, it’s slightly easier for them! People just don’t get life, sometimes.

    Good luck, sweets. Know I got your back šŸ˜‰

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